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LTE – Bill Yingst – 3-27-2013

March Madness!


I am so proud of the girls and boys basketball teams, our students, staff, parents, spectators, school and community. We must relish the great experiences we have had in the past weeks. This experience doesn’t happen to schools and communities often enough.

CONGRATULATIONS to the girls and boys basketball teams and coaches Doucette and Meade on their outstanding seasons. The camaraderie, teamwork and shear enjoyment you have brought to the school and community is truly priceless. Our student athletes are gaining life experiences only those belonging to a team can fully appreciate.

After our games at the Resch Center in Green Bay this past weekend and winning the silver basketball trophy (Runner Up,) I had several of the WIAA and Resch Center administrative staff and floor crowd control staff approach me and share how pleased they were with the students and fans from Colfax.

They commented on how respectful and polite “Colfax” is as a school and community. Also, I received several positive comments on the number of fans in attendance and the fact we still have a band, cheer leaders and a dance team as a part of our school.  I am so proud to be a part this school district and community family. This is what sets Colfax apart from all of the others.

Thank you to all of the people who sacrificed their time and energy to make sure this tournament experience was great for our students, school and community. Everything from ticket sales to cheering to shirt sales to organizing the many trips to the pep band to the dance team to the bus drivers to the chaperones to the coaches, parents and fans – I salute all of you and your duty first, teamwork attitude. Thank you for all you do.

As we reflect on this experience never forget how special it is to be a Colfax Viking! Again, I am very proud!

We are Colfax and we are proud!

Mr. William C. Yingst
School District of Colfax