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LTE – Russ Franko -3-13-2013

What’s our most valuable resource? Gold, oil, other minerals, trees, etc.? No, our minds and the minds of our children. We can create new things, new designs, ideas with our minds for a more comfortable and exciting future.

When minds are stunted by authorization-type teaching “This is the only way. Learn this or you will fail.” Don’t look for a different way. You’re wrong. This is wrong as the type of teacher isn’t some high priest in some king’s castle. Minds should be inquisitive, always wondering what else can I do with this information. This is where new inventions come from. Who invented the plow? And the harness for the horse to pull it? All good minds create good things for peoples’ survival. Twisted minds create destruction and selfishness. Things that threaten the survival of man, such as drugs to enslave him and lose interest in the excitement of real life and the nuclear bomb that can wipe man, all men, off of this beautiful planet for 1000 years, even the ones that used and triggered them. No one lives, not plants, animals or humans. A bare planet. So why not encourage responsible creation with good minds create this in civilization where everyone wins. Not just the few in power.
Knowledge should be there for anyone who wishes to reach for it, not just for a select few.
I quote my hero president, Thomas Jefferson, “If the people do not have the information to wield the power correctly, do not take the power from them. Give them the information.”
Russ Franko