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LTE – Marion Shaw – 3-13-2013

How much does DA really know about “gun control”?

Others have done a fine job of pointing out the many flaws in the letter written by, DA Eric Johnson. I thank you all for your forthright due diligence and for taking the time to correct the incredible number of false statements in the DA’s letter.  Good work!

 I would like to bring attention to the fact that, after some phone calls, Eric Johnson is not a member of the Republican Party and has not been for some time.

May I suggest that you read the party platforms next time before you run?  Your writing aligns you perfectly with the Democratic platform which says in part “We support reasonable firearms regulations….We support Wisconsin’s concealed carry ban.”

Sadly it is imposter’s like Eric that give conservatives a bad name.

Go ahead Eric, make my day, why don’t you call the GOP party and ask them to support you?  Then you can report your findings back here for all of us to read.  Admit it, you are left wing and anti-self-defense so own it.

I suggest you spend more time reading the works of scholars such as Professor John Lott of Chicago and criminologist Gary Kleck.  Or even U.S. Department of Justice statistics.  Armed citizens prevent approximately 2.5 million crimes each year and kill twice as many criminals as police do every year.  And the citizens mistakenly shoot only 2 percent compared to the police error rate of approximately 11%.

The real solution to mass shootings is to take down the gun free zones.  I bet a number of teachers would no doubt volunteer to carry just like the pilots do.  Our kids would be safer and the cost of the program is practically free.

Marion Shaw
Hudson, WI