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LTE – Sali Mounce – 3-6-2013

I wanted to add some information to your article from last week’s Tribune, regarding the land annexation meeting held at the Community Center.

The article indicated that most of the people commenting did not reference the annexation issue, but I disagree.

This was a special meeting to address annexation of land into the City from the Town of Glenwood. Area residents who attended seemed pretty clear on the fact that the land in question has been targeted for use as a sand mine, so even though many may not have used the word “annexation,” I got a clear sense from comments that people oppose the annexation of what can become a sand mine.  Oversight of this mine by Glenwood City at this point in time would provide fewer requirements on the mining operation and less protection of people and the environment than County oversight, as Mayor Larson pointed out. Based on that alone, it seems to me that this quick move to request annexation into the city was not so much a “Plan B,” but an effort to move the mine out of the County and into the City, per se.

There were a lot of new faces at the meeting, because concern is growing.  I hope these concerns speak loudly to not only the City Council, but also others in the area and the sand mining players, as well.

For some local information about this issue, as well as audio record of recent meetings (including the Glenwood City meeting on February 25), visit this website: While this particular site was started as a result of the Dunn County mining applications, it has grown to include areas in St. Croix County, as well.

Sali Mounce
Downing, WI