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LTE – Russ Franko -3-6-2013

It’s said that “The truth will set you free.” Well, what is truth? Is it a consideration? If something makes me survive well but stunts your survival, such as government programs assisting certain ones with no payback or exchange of value to the taxpayers that actually are funding it, it’s survival for one but taking from the other.

Wouldn’t truth be something that is more survival for everyone? I’m not Roman Catholic but in my studies I remember there was a Pope that saw the Italian fishermen were having a hard time making a living. Italy, being Catholic, the Pope decided to make Friday a fish day. All people ate fish instead of meat. This helped the fishermen without taxing the citizens and the people got to eat fish for their money. God Bless that Pope. He did the greatest thing for better survival of all, as everyone got something for their money. So the close you get to real truth, the better everyone does. Spending into bankruptcy? Truth? If everyone produces something that is wanted or needed and everyone exchanges their money for these things, would that be close to a true civilization than having to give to non producers forever? Even at 81, I feel I can contribute a bit by writing these letters, encouraging others to think and do this too or do other things that make for a pretty or better world. We are never done creating. We should never be done appreciating. When we are completely void of these things, we are dead.

God Bless,
Russ Franko