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LTE – Russ Franko – 2-27-2013

Wow, in my studies here in California, I am meeting people from all over the world. People from Russia, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Italy, Australia, England, Peru, Argentina, etc.

 I asked the woman from Russia how she liked the United States. She said it is no good. It is worse than it was in Russia. There’s too much government interference in our lives here. It was bad enough in Russia but here it’s worse. Wow, that surprised me. She thought this country, the people are supposed to be free. So I said that’s because the ones that work and produce have been outvoted by the people that never worked but still have the right to vote, have outvote the producers and we are forced through the government to pay their way or lose our homes and possessions. She said she would not live here as it more of a slave state than it was in Russia.

Another person from Denmark or Sweden, forget which, said the government medicare is wonderful there. You pay 87% of your wages to the government and if you get sick they take good care of you. 87%? Well, just give me my paycheck and “No Thanks” to that system. The people are brainwashed and happy about it!!!

If you’re under 50 or 60 why should you ever be that sick. You might break an arm or such. You’d have to be a moron to get into so much trouble that you need that much doctoring.

What happened to eating good healthy foods instead of sugars and all cereals being frosted? Are we really that stupid? Can’t we say no?

Do we have more real communist minded people here that just want to take from others through government programs called entitlements without giving back to the taxpayers funding, against their will, these criminal programs? How can we call this America? Our forefathers fought to create these for people to be free of a simple tea tax of a few cents to England. It was called the Boston Tea Party when we dumped the tea off the ships into the bay that started this oppressional revolution against “high taxation.” Yes, a few pennies, not 80% of your money finding its way to the government treasury.

As to the six generations of professional welfare people that never worked, I quote Benjamin Franklin, one of the founders of our country. “The best way to cut out poverty is to make them uncomfortable in it.” It must be an old welfare mended person that told him to “go fly a kite,” if you know history.

Love you all, as one American to another. God bless America and help us keep it free and alive for all responsible citizens.

Russ Franko