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LTE – Charlotte Obermueller-Heimer – 2-13-2013

I am perplexed. I know the food that I purchase at Ormson’s is FDA approved and the store has to abide by law regarding temperature, expiration, and labeling. I know when I visit a local tavern or eatery that they have been inspected by someone with knowledge about the building code, fire escape, safety issues, as well as regulating the products that I may partake of! Would any of you eat at a cafe who had been exempt from a review of the Food and Drug Administration? I think not!

Our swimming pool has a chemical level that is tested and adhered to within recommended parameters. The buses have been given a measurable number as to how many children can ride each bus; per safety issues.  Our community wine tasting needed a permit and special permission is needed to close our streets for Rustic Lore Days. We no longer smoke in our public buildings because we know second hand carcinogens have been proven harmful after long term exposure. I understand all of these measures are to protect our community. I agree with them. What I don’t understand is how St. Croix County could consider approving a Frac Sand Mine if there are not efficient, standardized, tested, measurable, reliable, and valid air quality measures in place? THERE ARE NONE OF THESE!! Also, why would the mine ask to be exempt from DNR regulations? So who regulates this mine? There is not anything in place at this time.  We, our City, does not have enough information to make an educated decision on this mine. The School Board was recently alerted that their Attorney is no longer available to them….therefore the school has not been able to review research, submit a proposal for the mine regarding hours, traffic, air, etc… and ask the county to enforce their requests! There is currently nothing in place.  I ask every Glenwood City Resident to please email or write the St. Croix County Board of Adjustments and ask them for more time and please do not approve the mine proposal as is. You can be pro-mine or anti-mine that doesn’t matter. However, we all should be Pro-health of our school and our community. The ability to control our air is still in our hands right now. It will not be if we do nothing. Ask the St. Croix County Board of Adjustments for more time so that our community can research and implement safety standards!! No one is going to be hurt by requesting an extension! Once in place we all can rest and breath knowing we and our children are safe; and the mine can fully function and profit with our proposed regulations in place! Everyone wins!


Charlotte Obermueller-Heimer