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Letter to the Editor – Dick Hilson – 2-6-2031

Our forefathers, divinely inspired, gave us our documents of freedom. They knew that our government was a theocracy, a theocracy under “God’s rules.” Does God still rule or does our fast expanding corrupt and destructive government rule; a government lacking “knowledge,” a government short on wisdom and a government under the Obama Administration legislating immorality.

Did I mention knowledge, you bet I did. Dust off your Bible and go to the 28th book in the Old Testament … Hosea 4:6. It’s out there folks, God has become unimportant, put on the back burner and practically out of the picture. Check out our Declaration of Independence and see what it says about a destructive government. It states, “Whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it and institute new government.” Well, folks, who do we point the finger at? Is it solely our government’s fault, could it be due to unbiblical values at the voting booth, voters who populate and are living on the outside of God’s rules? Some range of information.

Under Obama’s inner circle of political power, we are swiftly being led into a socialist America and the next four years will determine the future of our nation…

Dependency and then bondage, a dictatorial nation. While you have your Bible out, go to the 9th book in the Old Testament and read first Samuel, Chapter 8. Now just a short synopsis pertaining to the so-called fiscal cliff and gun control.

Do you suppose some in Congress should have jumped off the fiscal cliff? What will the month of March bring? And gun control … we lose our freedom one step at a time. Folks, are you aware that our Department of Homeland Security is squirreling away 7,000 assault weapons and plenty of ammo … why?

Wake up America, the clock is ticking.

 Dick Hilson, Colfax