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LTE – Paulette Klatt – 1-23-2013

Dear Readers,

Did you know that right there in Glenwood City, you folks are sitting on a gold mine? It’s true! This gold mine has two parts. The first is Havenwood, the second being Glenhaven. Being a past Board Member, I am biased positively about both facilities, but what I am going to talk about now has nothing to do with being a member of the board or auxiliary.

Glenhaven is in need of updating to private rooms. It is my hope that the community rallies around in support of the new building plans.

Privacy is such an important, personal matter for everyone, especially the residents. Having a mother-in-law who was fortunate enough to be able to live at Havenwood in a lovely apartment and partake of the many advantages of this place, gave more than a personal view to what a diamond Havenwood really is. When it became necessary for her to move into Glenhaven, the transition went smoothly with the help of a great staff. We, as a family, would have loved for Bernice to have a private room, but that is not how Glenhaven is presently set up.

Despite this, the staff, residents, and community made it possible for this lady to live there with dignity. You made this time so good for a dear lady.

Staff is vital. If a business does not have a positive staff, they are bound to demise. This is not the case for either Glenhaven or Havenwood. Whenever we called or visited, our questions were answered fully. It was a joy to see staff go out of their way just to pat a hand, say hello, or otherwise greet a resident, even when not knowing they were being observed. The positive responses I saw the staff get from the residents told me this was not the first time someone had been friendly and kind to them. It warms my heart to know that my loved one was able to live in these facilities, Yes, the residents of Glenhaven and Havenwood are cared for in very personal ways. Such a wonderful improvement will be possible when the new construction is done.

I want each of you readers to think of how you would like for help for yourself or a loved one to look. We have the staff, and the staff works well with what they have for buildings. What an improvement private rooms for everyone will be. Congratulations on helping the new building become a reality.

Paulette Klatt