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LTE – Skipper Ford – 1-16-13

BANKRUPTCY. If there is one thing our leaders in Washington demonstrated in the last two months, its that they aren’t up to the job of addressing their overspending problem.

It isn’t time for a standing ovation or a slap on the back.  Washington lawmakers haven’t solved anything.  In fact they punted on the most difficult issues.

There is a story about the goose that laid golden eggs.  Unfortunately the goose only laid one golden egg per day.  The farmer wanted the golden eggs faster,   Thinking the goose was full of golden eggs he killed the goose, but found no golden eggs.

By overtaxing those making 400,000 dollars per year (job creators) have our lawmakers killed the goose that laid golden eggs.

Isn’t it true that short-term thinking always gets us in trouble?

Skipper Ford