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Letter to the Editor – Scottie Ard – 1-2-2013

On December 4, 2012 presented the St. Croix Board of Supervisors where it was met with a multitude of questions and few answers.

The resolution proposes to sell the 500 acres of land which was formerly the county farm in order to create a separate capital projects fund to be used for the relocation of the 911 Center, the vacating, demolish and clean-up of the Health and Human Services building and the relocation of Health and Human Services employees. The cost for the relocation of the 911 center allegedly will be in excess of $5,000,000.00. Perhaps it is time to have a discussion with Polk and Pierce Counties regarding the establishment of a regional 911 center and thereby meet not only the area’s needs, but provide a fiscally sound alternative to the duplication of services.

The sale has been proposed as an auction format with the land being sold in parcels with no appraisal before the sale. The land which is located just off Hwy. 64 in New Richmond is an asset that should not be sold in a fire sale when the market is so cold. If the land is rezoned from agricultural to commercial/residential or industrial the profits could be substantial.

Given that the sale of the land will not begin to meet the costs of the proposed projects, it seems prudent and of due diligence to hold the land for an improved market and bond the 991 Center, HHS and the new St. Croix County Nursing Home into one packaged and thereby save the taxpayers additional finance charges while securing a much more favorable rate.

January 8, 2013 the County Board of Supervisors will take action on the resolution to sell the 500 acres. I urge you to contact your county supervisor and voice your wishes.

Scottie Ard
New Richmond, WI