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LTE – Ann Rhodes – 12-19-12

I write to you the editor & the Glenwood City community as I watch the news unfold for the horrific Elementary School shooting in New Town Connecticut. As I write this there are 26 confirmed dead, 18 of those young children.

I have no words to describe what I am feeling & thinking about this tragedy. However I have words for our community about the safety of our children. I have 2 kids who attend GC Elem & High School. Moving here from a large community I was surprised that the school offices are not located at the front doors of each entrance. More surprised that the funds to move the offices to the front doors was voted down in the last round of elections. I realize there were other things in that plan but if you have been in the school it seems obvious how outdated many things are in the school & that a number of those things are safety issues. It doesn’t matter how big or small your town is this can happen anywhere. Our job as the community and parents is to make the schools as safe as we can and I think the 1st step is getting those offices moved to the front doors where no one can get in the school without at least being seen. I hope that all the voters will consider this next time around.

Ann Rhodes