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LTE – Danylle Demars

Dear Editor,

Sometime on Friday (10-19-12) my cat was shot. I called and called for him Friday night when he didn’t come home. All day Saturday I called, into the night. About 8:30 p.m. I went out to call again. This time something answered. It was low to the ground and waddled side to side. I was too scared to go see what it was so I sent the kid.

“Mom, it’s Moose. I think he’s been hit by a car or something.” Moose was limp in the hind quarters. He crawled home pulling himself with his front legs. I was on the phone with the vet in a matter of minutes. We got to the vet and it’s not a broken back. There was no sign of injury. Poor Moose is covered head to toe in sand burrs. I start to pick at some matted fur I thought was a burr. It started bleeding. The vet takes a look then goes to get the clippers. Then we see it. Someone shot Moose with a 22. X-rays followed…amazingly the bullet went straight through and missed everything vital. Nicked a small area of one disk in the back bone. After a night stay with the vet, he is now at home healing. His gunshot wound needs to heal with no stitches. The muscle needs to heal and seal then the wound will close. Stitches would seal in infection. It will take some time for him to be able to walk. The vet is very optimistic about his chances. Moose is only 16 months old.  It’s not like Moose is a crazy cat. He’s a lover, not a fighter. He can’t make babies, he’s neutered. He’s curious as a toddler. We are not his only humans, he has a neighborhood of loving humans. And we are all in shock. But Moose is a miracle! I have also made a report with the town police because a firearm was shot in town which is a big NO! Also the fact that the person who shot Moose has no idea where that bullet headed after it left Moose’s body. There are a lot of kids in this area. It could have been one of them. I am writing this letter on behalf of Moose and all other furbabies. Tis the season when we hear the guns in the woods. Keep them inside and keep them safe. Please! I do not wish this situtation on anyone and it’s rare to have an outcome like Moose’s. And please Hunters, make sure you know what you are shooting at.

Danylle Demars