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LTE – Anita Zimmerman


I wish to dispel a misconception about my interview with Roger Rivard that resulted in The Chetek Alert article “Rivard talks problems with rape, registry laws.”

My interest in interviewing a lawmaker was to discuss laws, not cases pending in Barron County Circuit Court. I offered him a one-sentence briefing on the climate in the community, then we proceeded to discuss his opinions on problematic laws relating to sexuality, which are elucidated in the Nov. 22, 2011, editorial.

Reporters and politicians rarely have frank, honest discussions, particularly about difficult topics. I continue to appreciate that he was honest with his constituents, although I deeply regret his father’s politically incorrect words are now being hurled against him.

I found Mr. Rivard to be a good and honorable man. I have never heard anyone speak against him, and I trust voters will be wise enough to see beyond this absurd and frivolous smear campaign.

Anita Zimmerman
Eau Claire