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LTE – Janet Scepurek – 10-24-2012

To the Editor,

Last week I delivered to your office a copy of my public testimony on the Public Service Commission’s docket for the proposed Highland Wind Farm in Forest Township. I do not suppose you’ll print it, in its entirety, as it is 31 pages long. If people care to view my research and comments, it is found at Click on “link directly to a case,” type in the docket number 2535-CE-100.

All the documents are in reverse chronological order; mine was filed at 7:24 p.m. on 10-8-12. I think people will find it very informative, as I ran across a lot of information relating to the credibility, or lack thereof, of the wind developer. The Wisconsin Attorney General’s office has Emerging Energies and other wind developers under investigation; they were warned years ago to modify their business practices, so it will be interesting to see how this investigation comes out.

In my testimony, after I delineated Emerging Energies’ deception of the public (which they are now calling, “public outreach”), and their lack of concern for the public health and safety, I suggested that the PSC “send them packing, and give them a cab fare to the AG office.”

I think that last week’s article featuring an “I Support Wind” sign would have been better if it had the two opposing signs pictured together on the front page. “No turbines” is how the majority of Forest residents feel. The two opposite signs would indicate controversies, which would sell more newspapers, right?

I believe this issue in Forest ceased long ago to be about wind, as Emerging Energies has not even proved there is decent wind in Forest, which is why they want to use the 500-foot-tall towers, which are best for marginal wind. I have two maps indicating the wind resource potential for this area; one shows submarginal to non-existent, and the other shows fair to none.

In my opinion, Emerging Energies’ credibility is also submarginal to non-existent or fair to none.

Janet Scepurek,
Forest Township