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LTE – Roxi Anderson – Had Enough

Had Enough

I have read many editorials and comments posted on facebook in regards to proposed Highland Wind Farm in the Town of Forest.

It is finally time to respond  to yet another negative or should I say nasty post by an individual commenting “Just read some nice articles in the GC paper 🙂 Its about time certain people are told  how stupid they are…”

I have to disagree with her. These certain people she is referring to have spent many hours researching this Wind Farm project and are not STUPID. We want responsible wind siting in the State of Wisconsin.

We do not want the people of Forest to end up like some of the families in the Shirley Wind Farm, which have had to leave their homes due to ill effects it has had on their health. To me, one family having to leave their home is too many.

More research needs to be done before more turbines are irresponsibly placed too close to our homes.

Roxi Anderson
Town of Forest