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LTE – Lydia Chorpening – Four Things to Reckon With

Four Things to Reckon With

If we can count to four, we all need to keep these four things in mind during this election.

First, this is a time we must humble ourselves and pray and turn out to vote. If we don’t pray and vote for righteousness our country will have lost all its fundamental and constitutional rights. We still have a voice today to call on God and vote.  We must all awaken and not pass a greater debt and more corruption on to the next generations.

Second, the greatest teacher who walked the earth listed three things the thief will do. He steals, kills and destroys. If the candidate we are voting for kills (supports abortion), destroys (families by supporting same-sex marriage), this candidate will also steal from us.

Third, we must NOT vote for the candidate that promises us the biggest hand-out. Because of our national debt, there is no way he can keep his promises nor that our country will regain its strength, integrity and stability without making some deep cuts on spending. Someone will have to pay the price.

Fourth, our president can never, by himself, fix our nation. It is WE THE PEOPLE who must make changes. It will begin with asking God for forgiveness and mercy. If we want socialism, all we have to do is nothing and keep on the same ungodly path we have chosen in the past years.

Lydia Chorpening
Shell Lake, WI