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LTE – Joel Schaffan

Hello Carlton,

Just a quick article and thought I would like to share with all our friends and neighbors in St. Croix County.

The article is in a November 2010 National Geographic magazine, written by David Quammen, on pages 44 and 45 entitled “Fatal Turbine.” It tells of the yearly average kills of one turbine in a 23 turbine complex located in Pennsylvania. The photographs by Joel Sartore show 32 bats and four songbirds are killed. Raptors are also killed, including one red-tailed hawk (the hawk is not in the yearly average of kills).

The thought is that in the years to come, our fields and yards may be overrun with bugs and rodents, and our road may be littered with road kill.

Our fragile ecosystem needs our help. Raptors, bats, birds and vultures will be sacrificed to feed the 50 story-tall hungry mechanical monstrosities – all 41 of them.

Joel Schaffan
Glenwood City