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LTE – Buzz Marzolf

Our government is a government of, by and for the people.  It is those same people who have elected our County Board Supervisors into office, and it is those same people also who–in two (2) consecutive and decisive advisory referenda, and by respective margins of 2-1 and 3-2–have unequivocally communicated to our County Board a strong willingness to continue partially supporting with their property tax dollars our county-owned Nursing Home in New Richmond.

I commend in particular those eleven (11) St. Croix County Board Supervisors who–at last Tuesday’s County Board meeting, and by a margin of 11-7–demonstrated their willingness to listen to their constituents.  By their vote, those 11 supervisors have displayed their unconditional commitment to act in the public interest.

I also commend the entire County Board, not only for the civil manner in which its members carried on the dialogue which ensued as each item on the October 2 agenda unfolded, but also for having agreed–by consensus–to allow input from the general public during that portion of the agenda which dealt with the future of our county-owned nursing home.

Buzz Marzolf
Town of Troy