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LTE – Angela Draeger

I have been doing a lot of thinking about this new club in Boyceville and I have a few thoughts. First of all many people whose children play football don’t even know about this club. I think the right thing to do would be to send out a letter to parents and the intent of this club. It seems to me parents of these players should have some input on this club.

Another thing that should have been considered is the booster club. I’m understanding that you aren’t trying to hurt the booster club but I believe there has been conflicting issues. The booster club provides a lot for all sports. I’ve heard one parent say that the booster club has sports groups work in concessions and other help. This is not a bad thing, children should help. This teaches them values and to work with the community and give a helping hand. Basketball players are required to work basketball tournaments in Boyceville, which is a great thing. They are part of the school and community, its part of belonging and giving back. The right thing would have been to set down and work this out with the booster club maybe even join the booster club and help every sport.

I know there are some good intentions but we do have to work under WIAA rules and they cannot be ignored.

The next thing is the High School football coaches should have a lot of say so and stand behind this club. From my understanding this is not the case. Our coaches I’m sure do not get paid a great amount of money for this job. We are a small community and are limited on funds. I do know these coaches are very dedicated and spend a lot of their own time away from their families to do this job. In the last four years they have turned this program around! The kids respect them and want to play hard for them and to me this says a lot about our coaches. Some kids wouldn’t be playing if not for the coaches. Remember we are a small community and we have a lot of talent right here and the coaches bring that out.

As a parent we would all like to say our child is the best on the field. Reality is that every one shines in different areas. Our coaches teach playing as a team and if you watch closely the Boyceville football team does play as  a team. The other thing is these coaches don’t care who has a name or money in this town. They know the kids better on the field than does their parent and that is what matters. They are in high school and we as parents need to let the coaches take care of the coaching.

I also know the club has been in to the school second guessing our coaching and plays being called. Well I watch NFL and College football and the group I watch with is saying why would he call that play. Second guessing comes natural in everything we do. But as parents and spectators we do not know what is going on on the side lines and the mental state of the team. The coaches do what’s best at the time. I’m sure at times after the game they talk and say maybe they should have tried this or that. Doesn’t matter that might have not worked either, they know the team and they do what the team is ready for that night. And I’m sure things are different in every game.

I do know that if this kind of pressure keeps up that our coaches may say to themselves is this worth it. Well from a parent of a player I wouldn’t blame them but I know our football program would take a while to recover. Next question would be who steps in and coaches. As a mother of a child of a player the coaches mean a lot to him. I know he respects everyone on the team because he feels that they are a team. Everyone does their part and respect each other for that. Listening to the players talk at my house shows that. I have never heard we won or lost because of one person. He feels apart of something and that’s important to teenagers. I’ve had players at my house who maybe don’t get a lot of playing time but they are part of the team and that’s how they are treated. It’s amazing how the players are happy with the coaches and the team so why can’t we leave it at that. We are in high school, it’s time to let the coaches do their jobs.

I’m glad the players have been kept out of this mess. I hope this all gets worked out so the parents may come together as parents. We need to support our coaches, help when asked and support our players. So hopefully the coaches and the club can work out what needs to be done and this will be put behind everyone. Remember this is about what’s best for the players not for the parents.

Angela Draeger