Letters to the Editor – 10-3-2012

If you do nothing else for yourself, family and community this year I urge you to take action and comment on the Highland Wind Farm development which is proposed for the Town of Forest.

We have a great opportunity for residential and business growth in St. Croix County with the development of the Stillwater bridge project.  It would be a terrible loss if the irresponsible development of Highland Wind Farm was approved and the opportunity for growth in St. Croix County was lost. Industrial wind developments seldom stop in one community. The Shirley Wind Farm in Glenmore, Wisconsin was originally started with eight turbines; now the surrounding communities will host a proposed 167 industrial wind turbine development.

Wind energy development is best placed in areas void of population and habitat. The health and environmental impacts of industrial wind turbines have yet to be fully understood and recognized. The production tax credit for the wind industry has been 1 billion dollars a year.  Wind developers are paid 2.2¢ per kilowatt produced and you and I are subsidizing that payment.

The technical hearings for the Highland Wind Project will be held in Madison, WI on Oct. 9 at 9:00am and are open to the public. Transportation is available by motor coach for $30.00 per person. Further information can be found at www.theforestvoice.org or by emailing info@theforestvoice.org.

The Public Service Commission of Wisconsin will hold Public Hearings on Oct. 11 at 2:00pm and 6:00pm at the Forest Town Hall, 1895 County Road D, Forest, WI. This is an opportunity to see the process of public testimony, become informed on the issues and participate in the direction and future of your county and home.  Public comment may also be entered until Oct. 8 on the PSC docket site. www.psc.wi.gov the docket number is 2535-CE-100.

Scottie Ard
New Richmond, WI


Obama and the liberals are lying about everything.

1. The cost of health care

2. Whatever you put into the bank, they will take 1% and give to federal government.

3. Whatever you take out – another 1%

4. Obama put us in debt another 6 trillion dollars.

5. Unemployment rate is much higher. People even quit looking for jobs.

6. The wealthy are the ones who create jobs – not the unemployed.

7. We need a businessman to run the country.

8. Put prayer back in schools and government.

9. And our credit rating went down.

Dick Junkans