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Letters to the Editor – September 12, 2012

A wake-up call, a friend of mine said that someone noticed in Florida that propaganda is being spread by the socialist communist faction in our schools.

They noticed that the history books were showing that World War II was won by the U.N. Forces. THERE WERE NO U.N. Forces back then. They were won by the U.S. and British and Canadian soldiers, they were the main freedom fighters of the time.

I heard that when Mao Tu Sung took over China, that they didn’t have time to do their dirty work in history books, so they printed Mao Tu Sung stickers to be pasted over Chang Kia Chek’s name so the new hero of China is Mao, according to the stickers.

So this type of control we want in this country? Lies instead of truth, no wonder the communist people are starving to death in North Korea. Lies tear people apart. Is this what we want in America? A Medicare bill that can refuse an operation to anyone over 50. My friend in Canada is dead. They refused him. It wasn’t feasible because of his age. Wow!! Population control! Plus leadership that put us 15 time more in debt than the last president. And so easy to do. Get the people prejudiced against a smaller group. Hitler did. There it was the Jews, here it’s the “rich.” Maybe we should shoot all the rich. Then if you have more than your neighbor, you’re next.

Get this “No Child Left Behind” in schools. Sounds good? Think about it. If the slowest child doesn’t have the mental capabilities of some others, do we slow all the others down to his speed? We are looking over elective geniuses, behind now by having to wait instead of advance in to the next level of learning be cause they are so sharp.

Maybe we should reform the school system so all children can win. They can go at their speed and we can clear out their confusions so everyone advances faster.

In America we spend about $11,000 per child for schooling. Yet we are in 31st place in the world as far as dumbness goes. Wow, we spend the most and get the least. Little poor countries all smarter than we are. Gov. Scott Walker is trying to get a Read to Lead task force going to change this.

I believe the schools should be controlled by each state or less yet, each county. We should know what our kids need in our area, too.

They (the suppressives) know that if you can “dumb them down” in school, they won’t be inquisitive or creative when grown. Then their children and friend can have all the greasy jobs and your kids can all be the robots to their beck and call. To stop this, every test in school should have questions like, “How would you apply this in your life? How could you apply this in the future? Knowing what you learned on the test today, what other things could be created using this information? How would you do it? Make an example.”

Our wealth is in the minds of our citizens. It is much more precious than our mineral wealth. Pres. Jefferson said “If the people do not have the information to wield the power, correctly, do not take the power from them. Give them the information.”

Russ Franko


Vice-Presidential candidate Paul Ryan took time out of his busy schedule to visit Barron County and to support Congressman Duffy and State Representative Rivard. All three of these men have served the citizens of northern Wisconsin well.

When I attended the county fair, Congressman Duffy and Representative Rivard are walking among the crowd, answering questions, and defining their political goals for their next term in office. Those goals include continuing to improve the business environment and to lower the unemployment rate below its current 6.7%. Fiscal responsibility for both the state and federal government while assuring each child have access to quality education are just a few of the promises made to their constituents.

My questions, my concerns, and my opinions have always been accepted graciously. If I call their offices, either they answer the phone or return my call promptly.

Never have I heard either Congressman Duff or Representative Rivard say a disparaging word about another citizen, their talents, or their personal goals. These two legislators always convey a respect for the ability of every able-bodied citizen to become a contributing member of society.

Thank you,

Diane Bartschenfeld

Rice Lake, WI


Fracking has brought jobs and cheap energy to Wisconsin. Because of it, Americans have greater access to natural gas electric plants which are cleaner and produce less carbon than do coal plants. Fracking produces fossil fuels which are inexpensive and necessary if America is going to have a strong economy with good paying jobs for the middle class. Some environmentalists have been spreading falsehoods about fracking.

For example, Josh Fox made a documentary called “Gasland” which claimed that fracking polluted a man’s well water. According to Popular Mechanics, the homeowner’s well had been drilled into a naturally occurring pocket of methane.

Josh Fox also made the documentary “The Sky is Pink” which falsely blames fracking for breast cancer in Texas. Texas Cancer Registry, Susan G. Komen Foundation, and many others said the claim is false.

It appears that Presidential candidate Mitt Romney, Vice-Presidential candidate Paul Ryan, Congressman Sean Duffy, and Representative Roger Rivard have the intellect to do the research necessary to refute false claims. I’m glad these individuals have the courage to stand with us in the effort to reduce our dependence on foreign oil in a safe and responsible manner while also bringing high paying jobs that will help our local economy.

Thank you.

Barb Poch

Chetek, WI