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Keyes Chevrolet helping Menomonie Youth Hockey score big on the ice

MENOMONIE – Keyes Chevrolet is partnering with Menomonie Youth Hockey to provide hockey equipment including pucks, t-shirts, knit caps, and an opportunity for community members to earn donations for the league via a Test Drive fundraiser.

Keyes Chevrolet will also provide a monetary contribution to help support and offset costs for Menomonie Youth Hockey.

“Playing hockey helps kids develop skills like leadership, teamwork and sportsmanship while bringing families and communities together to show their support. We are proud to support a program and a sport that brings so many smiles to kids and families.” said Joseph Keyes, Dealer for Keyes Chevrolet. “Chevrolet believes this program supports the spirit of teamwork that hockey instills in its players.”

Some leagues plan to grant scholarships to families who cannot afford to enroll their children in the league, while others will use the funds to improve facilities and equipment.

 “Keyes Chevrolet supports youth hockey because Chevrolet believes participation opens up all kinds of possibilities for these kids and the community,” said Keyes. “We hope that giving them the opportunity to raise needed funds will help make this a great season for Menomonie Youth Hockey.”

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