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Rockpile – 9-23-2020

We had some nice scores this past week. In the mens action, here are a few 600 series: John Hager 654, 624; Brian Casey 641; Gary Standaert 640; Ben Krosnoski 604.  On the ladies circuit: Cindy Rassbach 560; Ione DeSmith 502; Tracy Lawson 581; Cindy Drury 509, 545; Viv Lindstrom 509.

Just a reminder: Wednesday afternoon league will have a fun day this Wednesday, September 23 at 12:30. Any new bowlers are welcome as we can always use subs!!

Song of the Day

• 1950: “I’m Movin’ On” – Hank Snow

• 1960: “Alabama” – Cowboy Copas

• 1970: “For The Good Times” – Ray Price

• 1980: “Lookin’ for Love” – Johnny Lee

• 1990: “Jukebox in My Mind” – Alabama


• 1903: Italo March patented the ice cream cone.

• 1970: Monday Nite Football premiered.

• 1971: Coca-Cola introduced the plastic bottle.

• 1862: Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation.

• 1961: JFK established the Peace Corps.

• 1975: Sarah Jane Moore attempted to assassinate President Ford.

• 1993: An Amtrak train derailed near Mobile, Alabama, killing 47.

September Birthdays

Debbie Booke – 1956

Bill Murray – 1950

Treat life like a camera. Focus on what’s important. Capture the good times, develop from the negative, and if things don’t work out, take another shot!!

Next to Last

Last year I entered the Boston Marathon. I thought I was in shape, but soon I found out differently. Halfway through I found myself in last place. The guy in front of me, second to last, was making fun of me. “Hey, buddy, how does it feel to be last?”

“You really want to know?” I replied. Then I dropped out of the race!!

This week’s Rockpile Readers of the Week: Michelle and Gary Standaert of Glenwood City.

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