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The Rockpile 3-23-2022

On the Couples Saturday Night Live League, the “Drink, Roll and Repeat” team is out in front by four points with only one more week to go in the half. Jon Standaert has high for average for the men with a 208 average. While Cindy Drury has high average for the ladies with a 161.

On the Sunday Night Couples league, the “Living on a Spare” team are currently in the lead. They bowl two more weeks before the half ends.

Brian Casey leads the men in averages with a 201 and Peg Obermueller leads the women with a 161 average.

Songs of the Day:

• 1962: “That’s My Pa” – Sheb Wooley

• 1972: “My Hang Up is You” – Freddie Hart

• 1982: “Mountain of Love” – Charley Pride

• 1992: “Dallas” – Alan Jackson


• 1939: “God Bless America” was recorded by Kate Smith.

• 1940: The luxury ship, Queen Mary was reconfigured to be used as a troop ship fort he rest of WWII.

• 1963: Alcatraz Prison in San Francisco Bay closed. 

• 1980: J.R. Ewing, the character millions loved to hate on the TV show Dallas, was shot by an unknown assailant.


Wife: I have blisters on my hands from the broom.

Husband: Next time take the car, Silly!!!

(That’s when the fight started.)

Here comes the Judge

“Mr. Simpson, I have reviewed your case very carefully,” said the divorce court judge. “I have decided to give your wife $750 a week.”

“That’s very fair, your Honor,” replied Mr. Simpson. “And every now and then I’ll try to send her a few bucks myself!”

Extra Motivation

Two little old ladies Dolly and Ruby were talking about their grandchildren.

Dolly said, “Each year I send each of my grandchildren a card with a generous check inside for their birthday. I never receive a thank you message.”

Ruby replied, “I send my grandchildren a very generous birthday check, too. I hear from them within a week after they receive it. In fact, they each pay me a personal visit.”

“Wow! How come?” asked Dolly.

“Very simple solution…I don’t sign the check!”

Rock Pile Readers of the week:

Dopey and Deb Zielsdorf of Downing WI.

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