UPDATE: Glenwood City School District staff member arrested for online sexual contact with minor


The Glenwood City School District faculty member that was arrested yesterday allegedly had an online sexual relationship with a minor from Missouri according to a release from Glenwood City Police Chief Robert Darwin.

Darwin stated in the release that local law enforcement officials, which included the Glenwood City Police Department. St. Croix County Sheriff’s Department and the Wisconsin Department of Justice, had been contacted by a police agency in the State of Missouri indicating that a minor child had been in contact with an adult identified as a faculty member of the Glenwood City School District. The faculty member is alleged to have exchanged sexually explicit images and videos with the minor.

Law enforcement executed a search warrant at the faculty members residence located in the City of Glenwood City yesterday morning. The faculty member was then interviewed at the school and was subsequently arrested on several felony charges. The release stated, the faculty member’s name was being withheld until formal charges are filed which could be as early as today.

Reiterating a letter sent from Glenwood City High School/Middle School principal Patrick Gretzlock to district parents yesterday afternoon, Darwin noted that there is no indication that any students of the Glenwood City School District were victims of the faculty member in question.  


EDITOR’S NOTE: This is a developing story. More details will be published as they are made available by law enforcement and the Glenwood City School District.

The following letter was sent to all parents and guardians in the Glenwood City School District Thursday afternoon, April 5th.


Earlier today, Thursday, April 5, 2018, administration at Glenwood City High School was contacted by law enforcement officials representing Glenwood City Police Department, St. Croix County Sheriff’s Office and Wisconsin Department of Justice. Law enforcement advised that they have been conducting an investigation of a professional staff member and were on premises in order to question and detain the staff member. The staff member met with law enforcement and was subsequently arrested on a number of felony charges, including sexual exploitation of a minor. Further, the staff member has been placed on administrative leave.

Law enforcement officials have stated the minor involved in the events leading to the arrest was from outside the state. At this time, there is no information suggesting any students from the School District of Glenwood City were involved in the events surrounding the investigation.

We have communicated with staff about this incident and have asked them to be mindful of the impact this event will have on our students. We have urged staff members to provide compassion and empathy to our students in this trying time and hope that you will be able to provide that within the confines of your home as well.

A press release from the law enforcement agencies involved will be made available at some point on Thursday afternoon and evening – providing confirmation of this communication. Know that we do not have any further information that can be shared with you and as it is available, it will be shared from the aforementioned agencies.


Patrick Gretzlock
Glenwood City High School/Middle School Principal