GC girls struggle against Colfax, Elk Mound

By Cara L. Dempski

GLENWOOD CITY — There is less than a week now until tournament season starts, a time that offers many teams a “reset” on the season.

The difference is, when you lose a game during tournament play, you’re done for the year.

It is with that in mind that Glenwood City coach Dean Fayerweather is trying to look at the positives he is seeing on the hardwood. Things like continued improvement give him some hope for his team.

First, though, the Lady Hilltoppers needed to get through a difficult schedule against Colfax and Elk Mound last week.

The Toppers started out their two-game home stand February 6 against Colfax, and stuck with the Vikings for a significant part of the first half before eventually succumbing for a 63-42 loss.

Glenwood City welcomed Elk Mound to their home gym February 9. The Mounders returned  home later that evening the owners of a 73-38 win over the Hilltoppers.

Fayerweather attended the Division 4 tournament seeding meeting February 11, where the Hilltoppers earned a number-nine seed. They will take on Chetek-Weyerhaeuser at Chetek in the Tuesday, February 20 regional opener. The winner of that game will play top-seeded St. Croix Falls on Friday, February 23.

But first, the GC girls need to get through their final week. They took a trip to Prescott February 12, and will head to Plum City for their final Dunn-St. Croix matchup on Thursday, February 15.

Glenwood City is currently 3-10 in the D-SC, and has an overall record of 4-16.


Fayerweather seemed intent on focusing on the silver lining of the Hilltoppers’ 63-42 loss to Colfax last Tuesday night.

“We improved by 14 over the first time we played them, so that’s a good thing,” he said. “It was nice to only be down by 10 at halftime. We told them (the GC girls) they (Colfax) were probably going to come out blazing.”

And, that is precisely what the Vikings did. The team went from holding a 27-17 lead to holding down a 43-19 score in just the opening four minutes of the second half. Colfax opened the final half with a 16-0 run before Glenwood City senior Jenesa Klinger stopped the Hilltoppers’ slide with a field goal at 14:24 ticks.

It took another two minutes for the Lady Toppers to find their footing after Makiah Schutz started to heat things up a bit. While the Hilltoppers had a hard time catching up with the Vikings, Fayerweather disclosed he was pleased to see his team keep playing.

“We didn’t lack hustle,” he finished. “This is probably the best game we’ve ever had for going after loose balls.”

Mariah Voeltz and Schutz tied atop the Hilltopper scoreboard with 11 points each, and Delaney Quinn added eight. Hanna Strehlo added to the score with six, Delanie Fayerweather tacked up three, Klinger finished with two, and Cortney Lawson scored one.

Colfax’s Kameri Meredith led the game with 20 points.

Colfax………………………….27  36 — 63
Glenwood City………..………17  25 — 42


Colfax (21-12-18-63) — A. Dachel 2-0-1-6, M. Schleusner 1-5-2-7, K. Meredith 7-5-2-20, S. Henricks 3-1-1-10, J. Steinke 4-1-3-12, S. Wilson 1-0-1-2, R. Scharlau 2-0-3-4, Addy Olson 0-0-4-0, Addisyn Olson 1-0-1-2.

Glenwood City (15-10-15-42) — J. Klinger 1-0-2-2, M. Voeltz 5-0-1-11, D. Quinn 2-3-2-8, H. Strehlo 1-4-1-6, A. Curvello 0-0-3-0, O. Scalze 0-0-3-0, D. Fayerweather 1-1-0-3, M. Schutz 5-1-0-11, C. Lawson 0-1-1-1, E. Hill 0-0-2-0.

C — A. Dachel 2, K. Meredith 1, S. Henricks 3, J. Steinke 3; GC — M. Voeltz 1, D. Quinn 1.

Elk Mound

Fayerweather had a simple explanation for his team’s home loss against Elk Mound this past Friday night.

“We’re overmatched by three teams in the conference,” he said afterward. “ I can ask them (the Hilltoppers) to give their right hand, and we still can’t compete against the big dogs.”

The Glenwood City coach’s frustration over the 73-38 loss dished out by the Mounders was clear, as he nodded at the visiting squad as one of the three Dunn-St. Croix teams in question. The other two teams Fayerweather referenced are likely the two teams set to duke it out for a conference championship later this week: Durand and Colfax.

The Lady Toppers did a respectable job of keeping the Elk Mound girls in check to open the game, but as the Mounders drained more baskets, the home team fell further behind.

Glenwood City was down 45-21 at the half, and held Elk Mound to just 28 more points in the final 18 minutes. But, the team could not garner more than another 17 points in the game.

Senior Mariah Voeltz led the squad with 10 points, and Makiah Schutz contributed to the score with seven, Delaney Quinn with six, Alexys Curvello with four, Jenesa Klinger with three, Makayla O’Brien, Delanie Fayerweather and Cortney Lawson with two each, and Olivia Scalze and Emily Hill with one point apiece.

The game’s highest scores belonged to Elk Mound’s Allie Weber and Morgan Radtke, both of whom scored 17.

Elk Mound………………………..45  28 — 73
Glenwood City…………………..21  17 — 38


Elk Mound (26-14-16-73) — M. Borofka 0-0-4-0, H. Cedarblade 2-4-0-8, A. Weber 6-0-2-17, A. Plaszcz 1-0-1-2, V. Fasbender 1-0-0-3, A. Gunderson-Morris 5-5-4-16, M. Tamke 0-0-2-0, M. Radtke 7-3-3-17, K. Bridges 1-0-0-2, C. Sweeney 3-2-0-8.

Glenwood City (12-14-19-38) — J. Klinger 0-3-4-3, M. Voeltz 4-2-4-10, D. Quinn 1-4-0-6, M. O’Brien 1-0-0-2, H. Strehlo 0-0-4-0, A. Curvello 1-2-2-4, O. Scalze 0-1-1-1, D. Fayerweather 1-0-0-2, M. Schutz 3-1-0-7, C. Lawson 1-0-2-2, E. Hill 0-1-2-1.

EM — A. Weber 5, V. Fasbender 1, A. Gunderson-Morris 1.