Radtke and Redwine tapped as D-SC players of the year

By Cara L. Dempski

ELK MOUND — Mounder fans are almost starting to get used to their athletes being some of the best in the conference.

The Elk Mound fall season garnered two more “Player of the Year” honors for the Dunn-St. Croix, with juniors Morgan Radtke named the Dunn-St. Croix player of the year in volleyball, and Brady Redwine as the offensive player of the year in football.

[emember_protected] The duo are the latest pair of Mounders to earn the top all-conference honors after Elizabeth Fasbender and Dane Lew were named Players of the Year for Basketball, and Allison Lindquist and Ethan Kjellberg were named softball and baseball players of the year this past spring.

Radtke and Redwine shared their thoughts on the honors via email.

Morgan Radtke

Radtke is just a junior, but has made a significant impact on the Mounder volleyball squad as coach Stelter’s middle hitter. She has drilled in 930 kills in her high school career with one year still to play, and provided 397 of them this season alone.

The 11th-grade found out she had been named player of the year just as the Mounders were arriving at Elk Mound High School after besting Westby in tournament play.

“My coach told me in front of everyone,” she said. “I am not a person to show much emotion, and I was quite tired, but I was very excited inside to have received such a title.”

Radtke’s parents were ecstatic according to her, and were proud of her effort and dedication put into the game to become player of the year.

The six-foot, one-inch hitter said the highlight of this season was playing Westby in the regional semi-final match; she said the team played its best match of the season that night. Radtke said being knocked out of playoffs in the first round for the past few years left the Mounders hungry for the wins, and fired them up for the 3-1 win over the Norsemen.

Her favorite part of her high school career has been able to play three sports because of the great friendships she makes with each of the people she plays with.

Since Radtke is a junior, she has not yet settled on a place to attend college, but expressed an interested in biomedical engineering or dentistry. She is not leaving a future sports career out of the equation either.

“If I get the opportunity at a school fit for me, I would like to continue my volleyball career at a collegiate level,” she finished.

Brady Redwine

There was no one more surprised than Brady Redwine when he won D-SC offensive player of the year honors for football this season.

“My parents were very proud of me, but in a way they weren’t surprised,” the Mounder running back admitted. “They have always seen the potential in me, and are always pushing me to be better. I wouldn’t be the athlete I am today without them.”

Redwine put together 2,598 rushing yards through the level-three playoff game versus Grantsburg, carried over 1,900 yards into the playoffs after completing the regular season with a Dunn-St. Croix championship October 13.

The Mounder junior said his favorite part of the 2017 season was winning the conference championship, and said the best part of his high school career is the special time spent with his friends on the team. He noted he has formed a special bond with his “football family” through the years.

Redwine said he is honored and grateful for the people who have supported him and believed in him throughout his football career, and knows the honor will be something he remembers for the rest of his life.

Right now, though, the Mounder running back is focused more on finishing high school, and said he does not have any set plans for the future, but does know he would like to continue his education after high school and play football at the next level. [/emember_protected]