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Four EM football players named to WFCA all-region teams

By Cara L. Dempski

ELK MOUND — It is a testament to just how good Elk Mound’s football season was that the team landed four Mounder football players all-region honors with the Wisconsin Football Coaches Association.

Last year, the Mounders had just one player named to an all-region team: Dane Lew. This year, Bryce Kasper, Brett Lew, William Muzynski and Brady Redwine were tagged for the this year’s West Central region team.

The four completed questionnaires to explain their reactions to the honors.

Bryce Kasper

Bryce Kasper is not a big kid.

At least, not in terms of height.

Kasper stands five feet, 10 inches according to his player profile on, and weighs 200 pounds. And while he may look slight, there is no doubt watching him on the field or seeing him deadlift nearly three times his own body weight that he is strong enough to pave the way for any running back out there.

Which likely explains how he wound up named to the West Central all-region team offensive line for 2017.

While the Elk Mound senior said he was surprised by the honor, he also thought he worked hard enough to earn it. He said his parents were surprised by the honor, and pleased for him.

With his final high school season complete, the Mounder lineman had two takeaways from his career.

“I loved spending time with friends, and getting to people as hard as I could,” he said, seemingly indicating a strong competitive spirit.

Kasper said he will likely not be continuing his sports career unless he earns a scholarship, but plans to attend basic training for the National Guard before attending Chippewa Valley Technical College in the fall.

He expressed gratitude to the people who have helped him throughout his career.

Brett Lew

Lew made no bones about his feelings regarding his all-region honors.

“I was pretty excited about it,” he said. “But I had to push it out of my mind because it was game week, and the only thing that matters during game week is the game.”

It is that sort of focus that likely garnered him all-region honors as an inside linebacker during his junior season. The Mounder player said his parents were very proud of him, and glad to see his hard work paid off.

One of Lew’s goals since starting football in elementary school was winning a conference title. He reached that goal this year when the Mounders bested Spring Valley October 12 for their first Dunn-St. Croix title since 2012.

“My favorite part of my high school career was this season. This was by far my favorite part of high school so far. Being a part of such a special team and group of guys is something that I will never forget,” he said.

Lew plans to attend college and hopes to play football, but does not yet have any idea of the career path he would like to pursue.

William Muszynski

Will is one of those kids who takes everything in stride, including his local sports reporter spelling his name incorrectly in nearly every article written this season.

He admitted he was happy, and a little surprised, with the all-region honor as a defensive lineman.

“I am happy that all my hard work and dedication paid off,” he said. “My mother was super happy and proud. She knew my dedication and was always supportive of me.”

Muszynski said his favorite part of the season was winning Elk Mound’s first Dunn-St. Croix championship in five years. He said the win was especially satisfying since it came against Spring Valley, who the Mounders have not beaten since 2012.

The Elk Mound senior said he may play football in college, but has not yet chosen a school to attend. For now, he is enjoying his final year in high school.

“This has been the most fun I had in football in high school. I enjoyed every moment,” he finished.

Brady Redwine

The Mounders ended their season November 3 against Grantsburg, but Redwine is still ranked third in the state for rushing on with 2,598 total yards as of November 13.

He is fully aware of the honor of being named a 2017 West Central all-region running back, and said he was grateful to everyone who has supported him through his entire career.

When asked about his favorite part of the season, Redwine’s answer seemed to come easily to mind.

“My favorite part of this season was winning conference. It was just such a special feeling, and having all the hard work our team has put in pay off,” Redwine explained. “My favorite part of my high school career is just the time spent with all your buddies. Throughout the years, you really form a special bond with your football family.”

The junior running back said his parents are proud of him for earning the honor, but were not surprised since they have always seen his potential and consistently pushed him to be better. He credits them with being the athlete he is today.

Redwine said he does not yet have set college plans, but would like to continue to his education post high school and keep playing football at the next level.