Mounders’ cross country teams finish high at Rice Lake, Altoona invites

By Cara L. Dempski

The Elk Mound boys’ cross country team continued what has become a season of strength at last week’s Rice Lake Cross Country Invitational held at the Rice Lake campus of Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College.

The Mounder boys finished second September 12 in the small-school division with 87 points after having two runners finish in the top five in the Rice Lake race. The girls’ team also fared well, earning fourth place out of 12 teams with 105 points.

[emember_protected] Head coach Jeremiah Fredrickson gave his team a day off before heading to the Eau Claire City Wells for the September 14 Altoona Invitational. The girls’ copped a team win at the meet with just 70 points, while the boys’ were fifth out of 10 with 116.

Fredrickson seemed pleased with his teams, noting the Mounders ran well against some tough competition, and indicated the top runners on both sides continue to improve.

“(I) Thought we did a really nice job of racing instead of just running our races,” the Elk Mound coach said.

Elk Mound traveled to Mondovi September 19, and will be in Durand Thursday, September 21. They will run at the Whitetail Golf and Supper Club for a Colfax-hosted meet next Monday, September 25.

Rice Lake

Elk Mound’s Cade Hanson seems to just keep getting better.

The Elk Mound sophomore led the boys’ team to a second-place finish at Rice Lake last Tuesday night after finishing his five-kilometer race in just 17:33.9. He took second place as an individual with a time of 17:33.9.

It was only his fourth race of the season, and the time was his third best this year.

One of Hanson’s 10th-grade classmates, Andrew Pathos, was not far behind, finishing his race in 18:16.7 to take fifth overall.

Senior Nate Schreiber finished the race in 19:05.9 for 19th, Seth Hazen was 31st with a time of 19:42.1, and Nate Lind was 19th after a 20:02.6 run. Jared Strand finished in 20:56.8 for 54th, and Bowdrie Noller completed the team with a 22:16.3 race for 69th.

Isaac Bohaty of McDonell Central copped the individual race win in 17:18.2, which helped the Macks earn a first-place team win in the small-school division.

Junior Alana Plaszcz finished fourth in the girls’ race with a time of 21:52.7, while twin sister Brook took 18th with a time of 23:22.3 in the race. Fellow 11th-grader Victoria Fasbender raced across the line in 23:42.0 for 23rd, and Danielle Olson finished in 23:52.8 for 26th.

Paige Romanowski took 39th with a 25:12.8 race, and Taya Schaefer finished in 26:45.5 for 53rd.

The Glenwood City girls’ copped the team win with just 63 points, while Bloomer’s Emily Freagon won the individual race in 20:40.3.

BOYS’ INDIVIDUAL RESULTS: 2. Cade Hanson 17:33.9, 5. Andrew Pathos 18:16.7, 19. Nate Schreiber 19:05.9, 31. Seth Hazen 19:42.1, 38. Nate Lind 20:02.6, 54. Jared Strand 20:51.5, 69. Bowdrie Noller 22:16.3.

BOYS’ SMALL-SCHOOL TEAM RESULTS: 1. McDonell Central 49, 2. Elk Mound 87, 3. Phillips 101, 4. Bloomer 115, 5. Unity 141, 6. Colfax 178, 7. Grantsburg 185, 8. Glenwood City 194, 9. Drummond 207, 10. Webster 222, 11. Cumberland 233, 12. Boyceville 264, 13. Shell Lake 376.

GIRLS’ INDIVIDUAL RESULTS: 4. Alana Plaszcz 21:52.7, 18. Brook Plaszcz 23:22.3, 23. Victoria Fasbender 23:42.0, 26. Danielle Olson 23:52.8, 39. Paige Romanowski 25:12.8, 53. Taya Schaefer 26:45.5.

GIRLS’ SMALL-SCHOOL TEAM RESULTS: 1. Glenwood City 63, 2. Phillips 86, 3. Shell Lake 97, 4. Elk Mound 105,  5. Colfax 116, 6. St. Croix Falls 151, 7. Cumberland 189, 8. McDonell Central 191, 9. Boyceville 212, 10. Prairie Farm 243, 11. Webster 245, 12. Bloomer 264.

Altoona Invitational

Thursday September 14 was the Elk Mound girls’ time to shine.

They fought through hot, humid, stale air in the forested parts of the course at the Eau Claire Wells, around a large field under bright, direct sunlight, and still managed to take first place in the Altoona Cross Country Invitational with just 70 points.

The boys’ team ended up in the middle of a pack of 10 teams for fifth place after accruing 116 points.

Fredrickson was happy with the results.

“Both teams again did well,” he said. “The girls did a great job of stepping up and pulling out the win. They are down one of our regular top runners, and pulled together to pick up the slack. On the boys’ side, we got a look at some of our sectional competition in Augusta and McDonell, so it was a good test and measure of where we are at.”

Junior Alana Plaszcz barely seemed winded as she crossed the finish line of the 3.2 mile race in fourth place with a time of 21:42.8. Brook Plaszcz was not far behind, taking 14th after racing to the line in 23:02.2.

Victoria Fasbender and Danielle Olson stuck close together the entire course, with Fasbender racing to a 23:19.1 finish and Olson running a 23:21.8 race for 18th and 19th respectively. Taya Schaefer crossed the line in 28th with a time of 24:31.9, and Paige Romanowski completed the team with 31st and a time of 24:54.1.

The Mounder girls’ may have taken first as a team, but it was Osseo-Fairchild’s Kari Herman who cruised to a race win with a time of 20:20.9.

Elk Mound’s Cade Hanson led the boys’ team with a third-place finish for his 17:07.3 race, earning his best time this season in just his fifth race. Andrew Pathos finished 10th after racing to the line in 17:48.7. Nate Schreiber was the third Mounder to finish the boys’ race, taking 25th with a time of 18:54.1.

Nate Lind ran a 19:32.9 race to end up 44th, Seth Hazen finished in 46th with a time of 19:36.6, Jared Strand finished in 20:45.2 for 54th, and Bowdrie Noller brought up the back with a time of 20:58.7 for 57th.

Eau Claire Immanuel Lutheran’s Dan Lau copped the race win with a time of 16:38.4, while Durand nabbed the team win with just 46 points.

GIRLS’ INDIVIDUAL RESULTS: 4. Alana Plaszcz 21:42.8, 14. Brook Plaszcz 23:02.2, 18. Victoria Fasbender 23:19.1, 19. Danielle Olson 23:21.8, 28. Taya Schaefer 24:31.9, 31. Paige Romanowski 24:54.1.

GIRLS’ TEAM RESULTS: 1. Elk Mound 70, 2. Chippewa Valley Lightning Bolts 96, 3. Altoona 116, 4. Chippewa Falls McDonell 129, 5. Durand 137, 6. Fall Creek 137, 7. Independence-Gilmanton 145, 8. Columbus Catholic 147, 9. Gale-Ettrick-Trempealeau 198, 10. Osseo-Fairchild 210, 11. Eau Claire Regis 239.

BOYS’ INDIVIDUAL RESULTS: 3. Cade Hanson 17:07.3, 10. Andrew Pathos 17:48.7, 25. Nate Schreiber 18:54.1, 44. Nate Lind 19:32.9, 46. Seth Hazen 19:36.6, 54. Jared Strand 20:45.2, 57. Bowdrie Noller 20:58.7

BOYS’ TEAM RESULTS: 1. Durand 46, 2. Chippewa Falls McDonell 71, 3. Columbus Catholic 78, 4. Augusta 114, 5. Elk Mound 116, 6. Eau Claire Immanuel 147, 7. Altoona 150, 8. Gale-Ettrick-Trempealeau 180, 9. Eau Claire Regis 188, 10. Stanley-Boyd 265. [/emember_protected]