EM CC teams finish 11th out of 12 at EC North, boys’ fourth and girls’ fifth at St. Croix Central

By Cara L. Dempski

The Elk Mound cross country teams stepped onto their first course of the season in a Saturday meet at the Eau Claire City wells and came away with an 11th-place finish on both sides.

Head coach Jeremiah Fredrickson took his team to the 2017 Husky Cross Country Invitational hosted by Eau Claire North August 26. The scores for both teams, 291 for the boys and 262 for the girls, are somewhat deceptive according to the Elk Mound coach. He said the teams ran well against much larger schools.

[emember_protected] The Mounders also reported to Hammond August 31 for this year’s St. Croix Central Invitational. The boys earned fourth place out of 11 teams with 98 points, while the girls took fifth behind Dunn-St. Croix foe Glenwood City after earning 132 points

Elk Mound now has an entire week off before heading to Cameron September 7. The Elk Mound teams will then head to Rice Lake September 12.

Husky Invitational

Both Mounder teams may have placed 11th out of 12 at the Eau Claire Wells last month, but the girls managed to edge out the boys’ with a score of 262 to 291. While the scores seem high, head coach Jeremiah Fredrickson seemed pleased with his teams.

“I thought they ran well, especially against bigger schools,” Fredrickson said.

Elk Mound was the lone Division 3 team in a sea of Division 1 and 2 competitors at the meet, but managed to make an impressive showing all the same.

Juniors Alana and Brook Plaszcz led the girls’ to the finish line with times of 21:37.7 and 22:41.2 respectively. The duo finished 30th and 46th.

Sophomore Kristin Martinson took 51st with a time of 22:59.5, Victoria Fasbender finished in 23:47.2 to take 65th, Taya Schaefer was 77th with a time of 25:11.1, and Paige Romanowski finished in 81st after running to the finish line in 25:46.5.

Hudson’s girls took top team honors with a score of 33 after Raider sophomore Rachel Ball copped a win for the individual race with a time of 18:27.

Cade Hanson started his sophomore season by picking up where he left off as a freshman and leading the Mounder boys’ to the finish with a time of 17:17.8 for 10th place individually. Seth Hazen crossed the finish line second with a time of 19:25.6 for 62nd.

Senior Nathaniel Schreiber was 76th after finishing in 20:37.2, Andrew Pathos took 81st with his 23:10.4 run, and Jonas Kohls finished in 23:10.4 to take 82nd.

Hudson’s boys also copped the team win with a score of 45, but it was Eau Claire Memorial’s Zak Sather who won the individual race. The Old Abe junior finished in 16:14.2.

GIRLS’ INDIVIDUAL RESULTS: 30. Alana Plaszcz 21:37.7, 46, Brook Plaszcz 22:41.2, 51. Kristin Martinson 22:59.5, 65. Victoria Fasbender 23:47.2, 77. Taya Schaefer 25:11.1, 81. Paige Romanowski 25:46.5.

GIRLS’ TEAM RESULTS: 1. Hudson 33, 2. Menomonie 93, 3. Eau Claire Memorial 107, 4. New Richmond 107, 5. Chippewa Falls 117, 6. La Crosse Logan 161, 7. Osceola 217, 8. Eau Claire North 225, 9. Holmen 258, 10. Rice Lake 258, 11. Elk Mound 262, 12. Amery 263.

BOYS’ INDIVIDUAL RESULTS: 10. Cade Hanson 17:17.8, 62. Seth Hazen 19:25.6, 76. Nathaniel Schreiber 20:37.2, 81. Andrew Pathos 23:10.4, 81. Jonas Kohls 23:10.4.

BOYS’ TEAM RESULTS: 1. Hudson 45, 2. Eau Claire Memorial 66, 3. La Crosse Logan 74, 4. Eau Claire North 153, 5. Menomonie 155, 6. Holmen 176, 7. Osceola 176, 8. New Richmond 187, 9. Chippewa Falls 240, 10. Rice Lake 255, 11. Elk Mound 291, 12. Amery 306.

St. Croix Central Invitational

The Mounders ran against a smaller field at the August 31 St. Croix Central Invitational, but the competition was still heavy.

The boys came away with a fourth-place finish after two runners completed their races in the top ten, while the girls’ finished fifth when their lead runner was just edged out of the top 10.

Cade Hanson split up a pair of Durand runners to take second place in the boys’ race with a time of 17:38.16, and Andrew Pathos finished in 18:23.59 to take eighth place agains the full field. Nate Lind’s 19:30.86 run garnered him 22nd place, Nate Schreiber was 30th after crossing the line in 20:02.32, and Seth Hazen was 36th after finishing in 20:17.35.

Jared Strand raced to a 21:08.79 finish for 56th and Jonas Kohls was 78th with a time of 22:13.02. Bowdrie Noller, Keagan McRea, Avery Lauer, Nate Bechel, Brennen Zais and Mitchell Ruppelt rounded out the boys’ team for the Mounders.

New Richmond’s Tigers took home the team trophy for the top boys’ team at the meet after finishing with 67 points. Durand junior Isaac Wegner finished in 17:30 to take first place individually.

Junior Alana Plaszcz led off the Elk Mound girls’ team, finishing in 22:15.73 to take 11th place. Kristin Martinson and Victoria Fasbender were the Mounder ladies’ second and third runners, earning 25th and 35th after finishing in 23:36.41 and 24:13.71 respectively. Brook Plaszcz came in 37th after finishing her course in 24:28.78.

Danielle Olson, Taya Schaefer and Paige Romanowski finished in 43rd, 44th and 50th respectively. Olson had a time of 25:02.36, Schaefer finished in 25:05.79, and Romanowski ran a 25:33.91 race. Mattea Linberg, Audrey Westcott, Kayli Solberg, Amanda Sahm, and Kayla Patterson completed the girls’ team competing at Hammond.

Somerset’s Anya Swanson won the girls’ individual race with a 20:09.90 race, but the New Richmond girls made the day a clean sweep for the Tigers by winning the team trophy after accruing just 39 points.

BOYS’ INDIVIDUAL RESULTS: 2. Cade Hanson 17:38.16, 8. Andrew Pathos 18:23.59, 22. Nate Lind 19:30.86, 30. Nate Schreiber 20:02.32, 36. Seth Hazen 20:17.35, 56. Jared Strand 21:08.79, 78. Jonas Kohls 22:13.02, 79. Bowdrie Noller 22:13.41, 88. Keagan McRea 22:46.74, 103. Avery Lauer 23:45.31, 105. Nate Bechel 24:03.9, 107. Brennen Zais 24:18.41, 116. Mitchell Ruppelt 25:12.92.

BOYS’ TEAM RESULTS: 1. New Richmond 67, 2. Durand 82, 3. St. Croix Central 88, 4. Elk Mound 98, 5. Prescott 110, 6. Spring Valley 170, 7. Somerset 170, 8. Glenwood City 188, 9. Baldwin-Woodville 216, 10. Boyceville 256, 11. Mondovi 373.

GIRLS’ INDIVIDUAL RESULTS: 11. Alana Plaszcz 22:15.73, 25. Kristin Martinson 23:26.41, 35. Victoria Fasbender 24:13.71, 37. Brook Plaszcz 24:28.78, 43. Danielle Olson 25:02.36, 44. Taya Schaefer 25:05.79, 50. Paige Romanowski 25:33.91, 78. Mattea Linberg 27:40.68, 82. Audrey Westcott 28:07.78, 85. Kayli Solberg 28:54.22, 89. Amanda Sahm 29:28.68, 97. Kyla Patterson 31:20.82.

GIRLS’ TEAM RESULTS: 1. New Richmond 39, 2. St. Croix Central 48, 3. Prescott 88, 4. Glenwood City 92, 5. Elk Mound 137, 6. Durand 205, 7. Somerset 206, 8. Boyceville 248, 9. Baldwin-Woodville 254, 10. Spring Valley 259, 11. Mondovi 350. [/emember_protected]