St. Croix County is improving how residents are informed during emergency situations with new SCC-ALERT system

St. Croix County’s public safety offices are excited to announce that a new Alert notification system is now available to all residents. The St. Croix County Alert system (SCC-ALERT) is a free service that allows individuals to sign up for urgent notifications sent from state and local authorities. SCC-ALERT keeps residents and travelers informed on potentially hazardous situations and emergencies.

St. Croix County Emergency Support Services Director Stephen J. T’Kach noted that, “This new alert system enables authorities to notify the community in real time. This service allows for critical communication with the public and provides individuals with the information needed to stay safe or take precautions during hazardous or emergency situations.” T’Kach added, “There will, however, be limited or little weather information provided as weather events are ever changing and can overwhelm the system. Given the numerous sources of weather information available to everyone these days, individuals are urged to track weather events from those sources.”

SCC-ALERT enables residents and travelers within St Croix County to sign up for free at
SCCALERT and receive timely and actionable emergency alerts or visit the county’s website and click on the SCC-ALERT link. Residents can control how they are notified by selecting email, text, or voice message as their means of notification. Previously, the county utilized the Code Red service which has since been terminated. Individuals who signed up for that service will need to visit the SCC-ALERT website to add their names and number information to receive notifications.

“Residents will receive notifications that will improve safety in our county and help inform residents of potentially lifesaving actions that they may need to take in an emergency,” said Terry Andersen, the County’s Emergency Communications Manager. “The information sent out by SCC-ALERT through emergency notifications allows both residents and first responders to be better informed in an emergency situation.”

“This alert notification system will be able to send voice, texts, e-mails, and messages to our residents and simultaneously post to our Facebook and Twitter accounts,” said Emergency Management Manager Natasha Cardinal. “We encourage all members of our community and their families to sign up for SCC-ALERT in order to be prepared should an emergency occur.”

SCC-ALERT is provided by Rave Mobile Safety, utilized by numerous institutions including state and local authorities, and business and educational institutions. Citizens are encouraged to sign up for SCC-ALERT and input their information and notification preferences. Their information will immediately be available to 9-1-1 and to receive emergency notifications. SCC-ALERT is private and secure, and information received from the registration is used only for emergency notifications.