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Wheeler man sentenced to 60 days in jail, 3 years probation for false imprisonment

By LeAnn R. Ralph

MENOMONIE  —  A 25-year-old Wheeler man convicted of first degree child sexual assault and most recently charged with felony false imprisonment has been sentenced to 60 days in jail and three years probation for false imprisonment.

Mykle J. McMahon pleaded guilty to the charge of felony false imprisonment in Dunn County Circuit Court before Judge Rod Smeltzer September 20.

As per a plea agreement, Judge Smeltzer withheld sentencing, dismissed the charges of strangulation and battery, and as a condition of three years of probation for false imprisonment, ordered McMahon to serve 60 days in jail.

McMahon appeared in Dunn County Circuit Court September 12 before Judge Smeltzer for a probation review hearing on the conviction of first degree child sexual assault.

Judge Michael Bitney sentenced McMahon to 15 years in state prison, 15 years of extended supervision and 15 years of probation on April 1, 2015, but imposed and stayed the sentence and ordered McMahon, as a condition of probation, to serve one year in the county jail.

As the result of the probation review hearing September 12 for the conviction of first degree child sexual assault, Judge Smeltzer ordered McMahon to spend 90 days in jail with Huber privileges and accepted a credit of 26 days for time already served.

McMahon is allowed Huber privileges for work and for treatment.

Judge Smeltzer ordered McMahon to pay $268 in court costs and a $250 DNA surcharge for the conviction of false imprisonment.

The jail time ordered after the probation review hearing and for the conviction on the charge of false imprisonment is to be served concurrently.

In the most recent case of false imprisonment, strangulation and battery, according to the complaint, the Dunn County Sheriff’s Department received a call on August 15 from a staff member at Mayo Menomonie who reported a woman was in the emergency room being treated for injuries sustained in a domestic abuse incident at a residence on Railroad Avenue in the Village of Wheeler.

The 25-year-old woman told deputies that the previous night, she and McMahon were involved in a physical altercation in which McMahon allegedly suffocated her, pushed her around, took her keys and would not allow her to leave the residence, according to the complaint.

The woman said she wanted to go home to the City of Menomonie so she could be closer to a hospital since she was due to give birth at any time.