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Dennis Hunt joins race for 67th Assembly

by Samuel Ripp

COLFAX – Dennis Hunt and Mike Hanke were on hand Monday, June 20 at the Colfax Town Hall for a debate to make their case to become the next voice of the 67th assembly. Around twenty people from the community were at the Town Hall to listen and ask questions of the candidates.

These two men are only a couple out of seven total running for this position and the others spoke at the last meeting. This was Hunt’s first time stating his case. The former state representative for the 67th assembly was Tom Larson and with Larson leaving, a lot of interested people are out for the position.

Dennis Hunt is a Chippewa Falls native and is also running on the democrat side of things. Hunt runs his own accounting and tax firm and has a deep military background. He served for six years in the Navy and then returned later for fourteen years in the Air Force. Hunt also served over seas in Iraq and Afghanistan while in the service. Hunt also earned his Masters degree from George Washington University.

In Hunt’s opening statement, he expressed some of his concerns that he would like to address if he is elected. A few he touched on is that he does not think the state is going in the right direction and he wants to support public school education. He also wants to have good jobs available for people.

After both candidates gave their opening statements, people in the audience wrote some questions on pieces of paper to be drawn at random for the candidates to answer.

Mike Hanke responded to a question regarding corporate farms in the area. Hanke supports corporate farms and said there is need for them, but also knows the concern with the water used by them. A few other questions Hanke responded to was about gun laws and open government.

“I am a firm believer in the second amendment,” stated Hanke when asked about gun control.

Mike is also a big believer in open government. The two candidates agreed on a lot of the same subjects despite being in different parties.

Dennis Hunt touched on a variety of different subjects during the question and answer time. Hunt covered topics including abortion, DNR, schools, and others. Hunt had strong opinions on these topics.

“I am against abortion, I am very pro life,” stated Hunt on the topic.

Hunt also talked about how he is all for a strong DNR and hopes to continue to grow with them and that he supports putting money in the classrooms and to the teachers to keep our school great and keep good teachers around.

Both of these candidates made an excellent case for themselves along with the others that talked at the previous meeting. The primary election will be held Tuesday, August 9.