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Former Ridgeland man sentenced to jail and probation for poisoning neighbor’s dog

By LeAnn R. Ralph

MENOMONIE  —  A 29-year-old former Ridgeland resident has been sentenced by an Eau Claire County judge in Dunn County Circuit Court to jail time and probation for poisoning his neighbor’s dog.

Eric J. Pevan appeared in Dunn County Circuit Court August 27 for a sentencing hearing before Judge Jon Theisen.

Judge Theisen sentenced Pevan to one year in the county jail, imposed and stayed, along with one year of probation.

Pevan also was ordered to pay restitution to Shane Cutting and Laminda Hanson.

As a condition of probation, Pevan was ordered to serve 45 days in the county jail, with the first ten days to be without work release privileges.

Judge Theisen ordered that restitution should be paid within six months and should be based upon the family’s cost for the veterinarian’s bill,  disposal costs, marker/memorial costs, and a reasonable cost for the value of the dog.

Pevan also was ordered by the judge to make truthful statements to law enforcement officers about the incident, including anyone else who was involved.

Francis Rivard, Pevan’s attorney, filed a motion with the court at the start of the sentencing hearing to set aside the verdict because, Rivard argued, the evidence was insufficient.

Judge Theisen denied the motion but said he would allow Rivard to file a brief with the court within two weeks and also required that Dunn County Assistant District Attorney Andrew Maki respond to Rivard’s brief within two weeks after Rivard’s brief was filed.

Pevan was convicted by a Dunn County jury July 29 following a one-day trial.

He was charged as a party to a crime in connection with the death of a dog belonging to his neighbor.

According to the criminal complaint, Cutting filed a complaint with the Dunn County Sheriff’s Department on March 13, 2013, saying that his neighbor, Eric J. Pevan, had threatened several times to kill Cutting’s dog at 314 Caroline Street in Ridgeland.

Cutting told deputies the dog began to act ill, had labored breathing, and had a foul smell on its breath. The dog died March 23, 2013, and Cutting said he had sent the dog’s body for an autopsy.

On April 27, 2013, Cutting provided a copy of an autopsy report to the sheriff’s department from the Wisconsin Diagnostic Lab, University of Wisconsin – Barron.

According to the complaint, the diagnosis was anti-coagulant toxicity, or in other words, rat poison.

In June of 2013, Pevan provided a statement to the Dunn County Sheriff’s Department that he had seen his girlfriend, Nichole Feiertag, put rat poison into raw hamburger that she fed to Cutting’s dog.

Pevan is now listed in court records as having a Dallas address.