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Dunn County Board of Adjustment approves non-agricultural parcel in Town of Grant

By LeAnn R. Ralph

MENOMONIE —  The Dunn County Zoning Board of Adjustment has approved a request for a non-agricultural parcel in the Town of Grant north of Colfax.

The Board of Adjustment held a public hearing August 25 on a request by Ken Satter of Colfax for a 2.9 acre parcel.

Grant is zoned entirely as Intensive Agriculture (exclusive agriculture), and a non-agricultural parcel must meet certain specifications according to state law.

The parcel is wooded, and Satter said he wanted the 2.92 acres for his grandson and would provide an easement for access to the parcel.

In the Intensive Agriculture zoning district, there are four criteria that must be met in order for a parcel to be formed for a non-agricultural purpose, said Bob Colson, Dunn County zoning administrator.

The ratio of non-farm use to the number of acres in the farm tract cannot exceed 1:20, Colson said.

In this case, Satter could have requested up to 6.25 acres for non-farm use because the base tract is 131.3 acres, he said.

The state’s rules for Intensive Agriculture also do not allow more than two farm residences or no more than five residences all together on a farm tract, Colson said.

The base farm tract currently has no residences and would have only one residence after this, he said.

The state’s rules also say that in an Intensive Agriculture district, ag land cannot be converted to a non-farm use. In this case, it is an existing wooded area, and the statutes allow a parcel to to be formed, Colson said.

The state’s rules also require a Certified Survey Map, and the map is attached to the application, he said.

The Dunn County Zoning Board of Adjustment unanimously approved Satter’s request for a 2.92 acre non-agricultural parcel in the Town of Grant.

Juliet Fox serves as the chair of the Board of Adjustment. Other members of the BOA include Philip Steans, Tim Lienau, Dorothy Enger and Diane Morehouse.

Morehouse was absent from the meeting.