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We Energies asking Wheeler residents to send back natural gas postcards

By LeAnn R. Ralph

WHEELER  —  We Energies is asking Wheeler residents to send back postcards indicating whether they are interested in obtaining natural gas service in Wheeler.

Robin Goodell, village clerk-treasurer, reported at the Wheeler Village Board’s August 11 meeting that a representative for We Energies had stopped by her office to say Wheeler residents have not been sending their postcards back.

Linda Crosby, village trustee, said she had not received the mailing from We Energies.

Marlene Larson, village trustee, said she had received the mailing and had returned the postcard right away.

Goodell said a certain number of Wheeler residents did not receive the mailing from We Energies, for some reason, and that she had extra postcards in her office.

The Wheeler Village Board approved a resolution at the April 14 meeting this year authorizing We Energies to apply to the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin for a franchise to provide natural gas service to Wheeler.

We Energies, previously known as Wisconsin Gas LLC, is interested in bringing natural gas service to several communities in this area that currently do not have natural gas service.

The company will be asking the PSC for the franchise for three years. If no one signs up for natural gas service in three years, the franchise will revert back to the PSC.

The resolution approved by the Wheeler Village Board authorized We Energies to “construct, maintain, and operate a gas distribution system and to lay pipes in the streets, alleys, lanes, roads, highways, bridges, parks and public places in the Village of Wheeler.”

We Energies already provides natural gas service to Beskar Farms just outside of Wheeler.

Residents and businesses would have to pay to convert their Liquid Propane (LP) furnaces, water heaters and stoves to natural gas and also would have to pay to bring natural gas from the street to their building.

The cost of using natural gas is about half the cost of using Liquid Propane.

Linda Crosby, village trustee, chaired the August 11 meeting in the absence of Village President James Carter.