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Neumann Family to host 2015 St. Croix County Farm-City Day this Saturday

NEW RICHMOND — The Neumann Family will be hosting the 2015 St. Croix County Farm-City Day event this Saturday, August 8 on their Dairy operation, Neu-View-Acres, northwest of New Richmond.

The 12 members of the Neumann family – Roger, Laurie, Bjorn, Jamie, Ben, Gabrielle, Brett, Beth, Brayden, Haylee, Maddisyn, and Brynnleigh – welcome visitors to this the 34th annual Farm-City Day.

The traveling event, located at a different St. Croix County farm each year, features the operations of a working farm and includes guided tours of the farm and fields, a petting barnyard, exhibits and displays, free lunch with musical entertainment and this year, a family Farmall and machinery exhibit as well as wagon rides by the well-known Schottler Dairy Milk Buds.

The event will run from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m.

The farm is located at 2250 5th Avenue in rural New Richmond, just a few miles west of Cedar Lake.

For complete directions logon to the event website at: or on Facebook.

Written below is a biography provided by the Neumann Family.

“In 1953, Clarence and Leona Neumann decided it was time to move from the 100 acre farm which they purchased from Otto (Clarence’s father) in 1947 at the Willernie-Mahtomedi area, since the city was encroaching on their farm. They purchased a 247 acre farm west of Cedar Lake, WI on “The Flat” for $25,000. Roger was three years old at the time. They brought with them their two work horses, a Farmall H, and a John Deere B and H tractors. In 1953 they remodeled the dairy barn, which was used as a pig barn, back to a milking barn which held 34 stalls. In 1966 they built a dry cow barn which was converted to another milking barn in 1968. There was now room for 38 cows in the lower barn, and 21 cows in what had been the dry cow barn. A pipeline was installed at the same time, which connected the two barns. Through the years other buildings were constructed, more acres purchased, and more cows added.

We built our shop/office in 2011-12. From April to August of 2012 we remodeled the two milk barns, connecting them so that we now have room for 102 cows. On October 28th of 2012 we had a fire which totally destroyed our two hay sheds which were filled with approximately 2000 big square bales of hay. We never did figure out what caused that fire. We were blessed that the fire did not damage our milking barn or any of our other structures. We did rebuild those sheds and managed to purchase enough hay to get through the winter.

Clarence was an avid Farmall-International tractor collector. Even the implements, for the most part, were red! That tradition has carried through to Roger and his sons. Clarence started with a W-30, Farmall A’s, B’s, C’s, on down the line. The IH 7488, 7220 Mark 50th Edition, as well as the Gold 305 and Gold 535 were exciting additions. Their most recent additions are a Gold 826 and Mexican 886. The Mexican 886 has been restored. The Gold 826 is in the process of being restored. We will have a lineup of the tractors and equipment, both old and recent, at Farm-City Day.

Today, Neu-View-Acres is a family farm made up of Roger, Laurie, Bjorn, Jamie, Ben, Gabrielle, Brett, Beth, Brayden, Haylee, Maddisyn, and Brynnleigh. Bjorn’s interest is with the cows. Brett’s interest is with the mechanics. We all share in the milking, feeding, and crop production responsibilities. The grandkids and daughters-in-law help out when they can. During planting, haying, and harvesting this is especially important, whether it is helping with chores, field work, filling in wherever needed. Roger and Laurie’s daughter, Crystal, does vaccinating and other vet responsibilities when she is in the area. She lives in northern Illinois with her husband, Derek, and three children, Emma, Payton, and Reilly. She is a small animal veterinarian in Freeport.

Between the three families, we own approximately 2,400 acres, rent 2,000 more, raise feed for 120 milk cows, heifers and calves and sell grain (corn, soybeans, oats for seed and cereal, and straw). Our milk is shipped to Burnett Dairy Co-op in Alpha near Grantsburg, Wisconsin.”