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Dunn County Sheriff’s Office responds to kidnapping in Baldwin

During the evening hours of June 3, 2015 a kidnapping occurred from Nolato Contour located at 660 Vandeberg St. in the Village of Baldwin.

A male subject, identified as Daniel J O’Keefe (age 50 of New Richmond, WI) had gained entry into his ex-girlfriend’s vehicle where she works. The ex- girlfriend, (KMD age 50 from Menomonie, WI), works at Nolato Contour where O’Keefe also worked.

KMD left work and started for her residence in Menomonie, WI. On her way she made a stop at a gas station in Baldwin then proceeded east on I-94. After a few miles on the interstate a male subject popped up from behind her. She hit the brakes and the male told KMD to keep driving.

During the incident a handgun was noticed by KMD and a rope was placed around her neck. After about 2.5 hours of driving on back country roads she recognized the voice as belonging to her ex-boyfriend O’Keefe.

Eventually KMD told O’Keefe that she was hungry and needed a restroom. O’Keefe told KMD to go to the Kwik Trip located at 6107 3M Drive in Menomonie. The two entered the store together and KMD stated that she forgot her money in the car. KMD noticed two Menomonie Police Officers at the Kwik Trip and went for help. Menomonie officers secured the scene and contacted St. Croix County.

Baldwin Police responded to the scene. In the vehicle was a black duffle bag. In this bag two handguns and several other items were located including an object that appears to be an oil filter silencer.

O’Keefe was ultimately questioned and told officers that he devised a plan to make KMD talk to him. On June 1 O’Keefe states he collected items such as several pieces of rope, zip ties, and two hand guns. On June 3 he drove to KMD’s place of employment, took his bag and entered KMD’s vehicle.

O’Keefe was arrested and transported to the St. Croix County jail on several charges. The charges include Kidnapping- use of a dangerous weapon, False Imprisonment- use of a dangerous weapon, (Two Counts), First degree reckless endangering safety- use of a dangerous weapon, attempt strangulation and suffocation, possession of firearm silencer, pointing a firearm at another, and disorderly conduct, domestic abuse assessments.

For further details into this incident a copy of the criminal complaint can be obtained from the St. Croix County District Attorney’s Office.

There is an on-going investigation being done by the Baldwin Police Department and St. Croix County Sheriff’s Department.

The suspect is currently incarcerated and there is no reason to believe that the public is in any danger.