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Town of Stanton candidate: Melissa J. Schutz

TOWN OF STANTON  —  Three candidates will be on the ballot for two supervisor positions for the Town of Stanton in the April 7 election.

Incumbent Town Chair Rich Monn will be running unopposed in the election.

The candidates for supervisors are Melissa J. Schutz; Nick Schaff; and incumbent Steve Nielsen.

Schutz, 33, is a resident of 280th Street. Her husband, Jason, is a lifelong resident of the Town of Stanton. The Schutzes have one son, Riley, who is in second grade at Tiffany Creek Elementary. Schutz is a senior graphics/web designer for WESTconsin Credit Union in Menomonie.

The Tribune Press Reporter sent out questionnaires to the candidates. 

Here are Schutz’s answers to the questionnaire sent out by the Tribune Press Reporter:

• Where have you lived other than the Town of Stanton (if anywhere)?

I was raised in Prairie Farm, attended college in La Crosse and became a Town of Stanton resident following my marriage in 2001.

• What is your educational background?

I graduated from Prairie Farm High School in 1999 and continued my education at Western Technical College in La Crosse achieving an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Printing & Publishing/Graphic Design in 2001. I’ve attended ongoing education courses including creative leadership and business related courses. I will be pursuing a certificate in Marketing Management at Chippewa Valley Technical College beginning this fall.

• Why did you decide to accept the nomination for the Stanton Town Board?

For several years I’ve had an interest in becoming more community involved at our Township level. I joined the Town of Stanton Planning Commission last June and have enjoyed learning and being involved in the township and county zoning and would like to further my contribution.

• What about your background makes you particularly suited to serve on the town board?

Throughout my education and career I’ve gained much strength in regards to finance, policy and  ordinance, bid seeking and cooperative values. I’ve served on several committees, coordinated and executed several fundraising events, played an active role in a recent financial merger and am the coordinator for WESTconsin’s scholarship program. I have worked together with a variety of people to achieve desired results.

• What do you believe to be the biggest challenges or issues facing the Town of Stanton?

With the implementation of County Zoning I believe that the issues of non-metallic mining and land use issues have been addressed and allowed residents to have input regarding their properties. So I’d say one of the largest challenges would be the township roads, as well as maintaining a balanced budget. If adopted by the Town Board, the Implements of Husbandry law will help maintain the condition of our roads by regulating overweight and oversized trucks and machinery. Seasonal conditions have taken their toll on the road shoulders causing erosion, and heaving in other areas that will need to be addressed along with the maintenance and upkeep of the pavement. Unexpected expenditures are a threat to the budget so maintaining a cushion while performing the work that needs to be done will remain an ongoing challenge.

• What ideas do you have for increasing revenue or decreasing spending?

Possible ideas for increasing revenue include renting out the town hall for small events, meetings or community thrift sales. Many other townships have experienced much need and interest for such a venue. Also, I would like to see our township reinstate the residential snowplowing service for residents in good standing. In the past few years residents have had a need for snow removal, driveway widening or sanding/salting of their residence. Many residents don’t have the equipment to deal with the large amount of snow we received the past couple of years making their driveways inaccessible putting their property at risk in the event of an emergency.

• Why are you the best candidate for the Stanton Town Board?

I have always felt I should get more involved in the community and now I have the opportunity to achieve this aspiration. I will work hard to learn the issues. I am fair minded, respectful of other’s opinions and will be guided by what is in the best interest of the township.

• Other comments?

If elected to the Town of Stanton board, I will work diligently to maintain the positive aspects of our township, as well as strive to improve process, communication, and involvement throughout.