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Owner of capsized boat on Tainter Lake found alive

According to the Dunn County Sheriff’s Office, Jacob Wyss of Boyceville is the owner of the capsized boat on Tainter Lake.

The search started after a 911 call came in late Thursday, July 3 to the Dunn County Communications Center that a boat was overturned on Tainter Lake, north of county Highway D in the Town of Tainter.

Members of the Dunn County Sheriff’s Office, the Menomonie Fire Department, the Wisconsin DNR and the Dunn County M.E. Office searched the area by the boat, using side mounted sonar and underwater cameras on July 4, 5, 6 and throughout Monday the 7th.

On Sunday, Bruce’s Legacy, a volunteer search and recovery team from Black River Falls was called to help with the search for a possible drowning victim.

Those search crews were on the water from 8:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.

After reviewing the progress of the investigation, Sheriff’s Department decided to request the assistance of an airplane.

The Wisconsin State Patrol contacted the Sheriff’s Department and offered the services of their airplane and pilot. The arrangements were made and the search was conducted with nothing being located.

While the air search was taking place, the investigation continued on land. It was at this time that the Sheriff’s Department had information regarding a 38-year-old named Jacob Wyss of rural Boyceville, who may own a boat matching the description.

The Sheriff’s Department also learned that he (Wyss) may be staying part time in the area where the boat was located.

The deputies also felt that he could match the physical description of the person seen fishing the evening of July 3.

On Monday afternoon, the Sheriff’s Department attempted to make contact with Wyss in an attempt to verify information that was received.

Wyss was not found at home near the lake initially, but a message was left. Eventually Wyss contacted the Sheriff’s Office and after he was provided some photos of the boat, he felt the boat was his.

Wyss however said he had not left it capsized in the lake and claimed to not have any knowledge of how it ended up there.

Wyss did agree to meet with a Dunn County Sheriff’s Deputy so that he could positively identify the boat.

On Monday evening around 10:00 p.m. Wyss met with a Dunn County Sheriff’s Deputy and he identified the boat as his.

He admitted talking to the complainants at the time he was reported seen in the boat. He stated that he quit fishing about ten minutes later and returned to his part time residence. He tied the boat up and does not know how it got back to the location where it was located.

Since Wyss claims to not be the one to have tipped the boat over, periodic searches will still take place over the next several days.

There was no further information available from the Sheriff’s Department as of press time on Tuesday, July 8.