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Wheeler residents ask for street, private well & septic system

By LeAnn R. Ralph

WHEELER — Two different development issues came before the Wheeler Village Board at the May 20 meeting.

Wheeler residents Dan Fury and Steve Crites asked that the village adopt as an official street what Fury and Crites have been calling River Boulevard and that the village pave the street and maintain it, including snowplowing during the winter.

In a different development issue, Tim and Karen Kerner asked the Wheeler Village Board for permission to install a private well and a private septic system on their property because the distance to extend village sewer and water is too far to make it feasible.

River Boulevard

Crites, who subdivided his property for the development of two houses, asked about the procedure for requesting that the village adopt the driveway as a village street and then pave the street.

“What do we need to do to get it blacktopped?” he asked.

Crites said when he built the road, he included six inches of base course.

The village would have to wait until next year to add a new street to the Local Road Improvement Plan (LRIP), said James Carter, village president.

Once the street has been added to the program, Wheeler could apply for LRIP funds through Dunn County to help pay for a portion of paving the street.

Fury, who is a resident on the road in question, said he has been plowing snow from the driveway for the past five years and was wondering if the village could take over snowplowing.

Chris Goodell, the village’s public works employee, said he could plow it in the winter, said Robin Goodell, village clerk-treasurer.

Robin Goodell also noted that Chris Goodell was checking with Monarch Paving to get an estimate of what it might cost to pave the street.

Carter said the village board would have to research the village’s ordinances to find the proper procedure for adding a street.

The ordinances for most municipalities require that a street or a road be built to certain specifications before the municipality will agree to adopt it as a road or a street.

Well and septic

Tim and Karen Kerner appeared before the Wheeler Village Board to say they are considering building a house within the village limits and that they would like permission to drill their own well and install their own septic system.

The location of the house would be quite a distance from existing sewer and water lines, and the cost would be prohibitive to install sewer and water, the Kerners said.

Fred Weber, building inspector for the village, said that according to the village’s ordinances, if the Kerners were to ever subdivide their property, they would have to install sewer and water at their own expense.

The Wheeler Village Board unanimously approved a motion granting permission for Tim and Karen Kerner to install a private well and a private septic system on their property.

Other business

In other business, the Wheeler Village Board:

• Approved a fireworks license for B&B Fireworks (William Utphall).

• Approved beer, liquor, cigarette and bartender operators’ licenses for Dwain TrowBridge, Bridge Stop II.

• Approved beer, liquor, cigarette, and bartenders’ licenses and an annual dance permit for Curtis Hake, Last Call; for Randy J. Anderson, Fifty Yard Line; and for Wendy S. Turner, Wheeler Inn.