Village of Knapp hears from Pit Stop Owner

By Kelsie Hoitomt

KNAPP – On Monday, March 11 the Village of Knapp held their monthly board meeting where Jeramie Rosencranz, owner of the Pit Stop Auto Center spoke to the Board about rebuilding after his business burned in early February.

The minutes recorded by Village Clerk, Theresa Kopacz read that Rosencranz stated that he had heard opposition coming from the board when it came to rebuilding his auto repair shop.

Jeramie wishes to build his business back up and talked about a plan he had in mind for the building that would eliminate the parking problems that he had in the past.

Building Inspector, Fred Weber was in attendance as well and he explained that Jeramie’s plans would have to be state approved due to the building being located along a state highway.

The Village Board does also play a part in the process as all set backs would fall under the village ordinances and variances may need to be approved before Jeramie could rebuild.

The Board asked Jeramie to draw up some simple plans so the members could get an idea of what he is thinking.

The Board also requested that Jeramie pay his back taxes and also to clean up the property and clear out the vehicles.

Upon that request, Jeramie asked the Board if he could use the space across the road where the old Knapp House used to stand so he could park vehicles there.

The Board made a motion and approved Jeramie use of the Knapp House Property to temporarily park his vehicles while cleaning up the Pit Stop.

It was also noted by Weber that a camper currently sits on the Pit Stop property, which is where Jeramie is living at this time.

Weber stated that the camper is in violation of the village ordinance, but the Board made a motion to allow Jeramie to live in the camper for a couple more months.

The next steps towards the future of the Pit Stop are in Jeramie’s hands. Once a plan is drawn up, he will need to discuss that with Board at another monthly meeting or a special meeting if so chosen so the Board can see whether or not to grant him any variances.