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Peterson and Mayer on ballot April 1 for circuit court judge

By LeAnn R. Ralph

MENOMONIE — Dunn County District Attorney James Peterson and Christina Mayer, an attorney from Menomonie, will be the two candidates on the ballot for circuit court judge in the April 1 election.

Following the primary election February 18, Peterson and Mayer gathered the most votes while a third challenger, Roger Hillestad of Durand, came in third.

Of the total votes cast, 664 went to Peterson, and Mayer received 583 votes.

Hillestad gathered 213 votes.

Peterson, 53, is a Menomonie native and a 1978 graduate of Menomonie High School.

He graduated from the University of Minnesota — Minneapolis with a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science in 1982. He earned his law degree from the University of Wisconsin — Law School in 1985.

Peterson began his career in the private practice of law in Menomonie in 1985. He was hired by former Dunn County D.A. Michael Furnstahl as an assistant district attorney in 1988.

Peterson was appointed by Governor Tommy Thompson as Dunn County district attorney beginning in January of 1989 and has served as district attorney since then.

He has been elected/re-elected 11 times.

Mayer, 47, graduated from Chippewa Falls Senior High in 1985. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from UW-Eau Claire in political science and economics.

Mayer attended Oklahoma City University School of Law and received her law degree, cum laude, in 1995.

She has worked with Ken Schofield and John Higley since she joined the firm in 2001. She became a partner in 2007.

The Honorable William C. Stewart, Jr. retired as Dunn County circuit court judge in November. The candidate elected as circuit court judge in April will start his or her six-year term August 1.

If Peterson is elected as circuit court judge, the governor would appoint a district attorney  for the remainder of Peterson’s term that expires in 2016.

Here are the unofficial vote totals by township and villages in this area as reported on the Dunn County clerk’s website:

• Town of Colfax: Peterson, 12; Mayer, 17.

• Town of Elk Mound: Peterson, 15; Mayer, 4;

• Town of Grant: Peterson, 12; Mayer, 4.

• Town of Hay River: Peterson, 6; Mayer, 8.

• Town of New Haven: Peterson, 6; Mayer 4.

• Town of Otter Creek: Peterson, 10; Mayer, 19.

• Town of Sand Creek: Peterson, 11; Mayer, 11.

• Town of Sheridan: Peterson, 9; Mayer, 6.

• Town of Sherman: Peterson, 25; Mayer, 9.

• Town of Spring Brook: Peterson, 16; Mayer, 11.

• Town of Stanton: Peterson, 2; Mayer, 14.

• Town of Tainter: Peterson, 47; Mayer, 28.

• Town of Tiffany: Peterson 10; Mayer, 5.

• Village of Boyceville: Peterson, 2; Mayer, 16.

• Village of Colfax: Peterson, 20; Mayer, 27.

• Village of Downing: Peterson, 5; Mayer 5.

• Village of Elk Mound: Peterson, 11; Mayer, 13.

• Village of Knapp: Peterson, 25; Mayer, 8.

• Village of Ridgeland: Peterson, 1; Mayer, 5.

• Village of Wheeler: Peterson, 5; Mayer, 0.

Dunn County Board

Incumbent Dunn County Board Supervisor Pete Wiese of Menomonie lost his county board seat in the primary by one vote to challenger Herbert H. White.

White and Todd D. Welch will be on the ballot April 1 for county board supervisor for District No. 14.

White received 17 votes while Wiese received 16 votes.

Welch gathered a total of 28 votes from Menomonie voters.