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Local students named to CVTC’s Presidents’ List

Chippewa Valley Technical College (CVTC) announces that the following students from the area have been named to the Presidents’ List for the fall 2013 term:

 Heather C. Aaron of Colfax, Chelsea A. Borofka of Colfax, Paula S. Eder of Colfax, David A. Gaunky of Colfax, Ruth Holliday of Colfax, Peter J. Lewis of Colfax, Meghan R. Lieffort of Colfax, Shayla M. Mceldowney of Colfax, Quinn E. Nellessen of Colfax, Jennifer L. Nerison of Colfax, Casey A. Peterson of Colfax, Tiffany M. Tarbox of Colfax, Shannon L. Van Ness of Colfax, Miah B. Walley of Colfax, Latisha J. Weaver of Colfax, Susan E. Wells of Colfax, Amber M. Westaby of Colfax, Rachel M. Woolever of Colfax, Laura A. Adank of Elk Mound, Tammy L. Ahlert of Elk Mound, Susan C. Bertsch of Elk Mound, Kathleen M. Follendorf of Elk Mound, Jo A. Hayes of Elk Mound, Brian L. Holm of Elk Mound, Judith M. House of Elk Mound, Janelle J. Johnson of Elk Mound, Briana L. Jones of Elk Mound, Shayna L. Kass-Geissler of Elk Mound, Jessica L. Kohlwey of Elk Mound, Samantha J. Linberg of Elk Mound, Nathan J. Mayfield of Elk Mound, Lyndsay E. Myrman of Elk Mound, Stephanie L. Reither of Elk Mound, Bo H. Seng of Elk Mound, Dane C. Sternecker of Elk Mound, Heather K. Stockdill of Elk Mound, Allison J. Vasey of Elk Mound, Jeffrey P. Wolf of Elk Mound, Julie A. Brackin of Boyceville, Allison E. Drane of Boyceville, Nicholas C. Feeney of Boyceville, Michele L. Hanson of Boyceville, Elizabeth P. Lehmann of Boyceville, Lynnette M. Ludwig of Boyceville, Amanda J. Montgomery of Boyceville, Katherine A. Mrdutt of Boyceville, Lauren A. Olson of Boyceville, Leslie S. Olson of Boyceville, Casey L. Peterson of Boyceville, Carrie J. Reed of Boyceville, Eric A. Score of Boyceville, Jennifer M. Sonnentag of Boyceville, Rebecka R. Yaeger of Boyceville, Mary J. Desmond of Glenwood City, Mary E. Lyons of Glenwood City, and Rachel A. Myers of Glenwood City.

To be eligible, students must complete a minimum of six credits with a semester grade point average of 3.5 or higher.

Chippewa Valley Technical College delivers superior, progressive technical education which improves the lives of students, meets the workforce needs of the region, and strengthens the larger community. Campuses are located in Chippewa Falls, Eau Claire, Menomonie, Neillsville and River Falls. CVTC serves an 11-county area in west central Wisconsin. CVTC is part of the Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS) and is one of 16 WTCS colleges located throughout the state.