Letters to the Editor policy

Our letters to the editor policy will not allow us to accept any letters to the editor for publication the week before an election. Therefore, with the City of Glenwood City’s special recall election set for December 17th. No letters regarding that election or the sand mine issue will be accepted for publication in the December 11 issue of the Tribune Press Reporter.

Letters are due at our office at 105 Misty Court before noon on Friday preceding the publication date. All letters need to be signed and accompanied by a telephone number and/or e-mail address to allow is to contact the writer to verify the writer’s identity.

If you are not willing to sign a letter that you write, save the money for the stamp, because we are not going to read it.

Any letters that contain profanity, name-calling, and statements of possible liability or untrue suggestions will not be published.

Please stay to one subject and try to limit your letter to less than 300 words. The editor has the final say on what is published and will reserve the right to edit all letters.

Direct your correspondence to: Tribune Press Reporter, P. O. Box 38, Glenwood City, WI  54013-0038 or e-mail to tribune@dewittmedia.com