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Dunn County Sheriff’s Dept. to aid in training video

By Kelsie Hoitomt

MENOMONIE — The Dunn County Sheriff’s Department was recently selected through the Department of Justice to help create a training tool for other law enforcement agencies to utilize.

This training tool is a part of the roll-call law program, which involves the DOJ guiding reenactments of recent Wisconsin Supreme Court cases.

About every three to four months, the DOJ puts together a video of a recent case so it can be used as a training video for hundreds of other law enforcement agencies.

Those at the Dunn County Police Department are quite enthused as this is the first time one of these training videos has made its way this far into western Wisconsin as most of them happen in Milwaukee.

The DCPD was selected after Field Service Captain, Kevin Bygd, completed a survey for a DOJ program, which led the police department to be placed in a drawing and then eventually chosen.

According to Dunn County Sergeant, Chad Pollock, the particular scenario they are reenacting deals with the legality of consent and entering somebody’s home and looking at property.

Actual law enforcement officers are used to create the video instead of actors, which is said to be a bigger benefit to those dawning the uniform as they are given the real, hands-on experience.

In this video, a home of one of the Captains was used for staging as well as two deputies and a secretary from the DCPD.