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Dunn County approves new job classifications for new health care center

By LeAnn R. Ralph

MENOMONIE — The Dunn County Board has approved new job classifications for the county’s new health care center, The Neighbors of Dunn County.

The changes adopted at the Dunn County Board’s July 17 meeting will result in the loss of six full-equivalency positions (FTE), going from 152 employees down to 146.

The elimination of positions will not result in the layoff of any health care center workers.

The Neighbors of Dunn County is almost finished and will be completed within just a few days of the original estimated completion date, said Gene Smith, county manager.

Although residents and staff initially were expected to move into the new facility in August, the actual moving date will be October 1, Smith noted.

One of the reasons Dunn County built a new health care center was because of a federal regulation requiring the installation of a hard-wired sprinkler system by a deadline in August.

The new job classifications will eliminate one receptionist/payroll clerk and add one fiscal clerk; will eliminate one receptionist/billing clerk and will add one fiscal clerk.

The new classifications also will eliminate four registered nurse supervisor positions and will add one assistant director of nursing.

In addition, the new classifications will eliminate 5.34 LPNs; eliminate 1.57 activity aides; eliminate 4.8 food service workers; eliminate a .60 cook; eliminate 2.5 assistant cooks; eliminate 4.85 housekeepers; eliminate 1.73 housekeeper/janitor/laundry positions; and will eliminate 1.54 laundry workers.

The transition to a household/neighborhood culture will result in the Homemaker classification being created. The Homemaker will do cooking, housekeeping, laundry and resident activities for the house to which they are assigned.

To replace some of the eliminated positions, the Neighbors of Dunn County will add 18 homemaker/host positions.


In addition, the Dunn County Board approved wage rates for the homemaker/host positions at the health care center.

Starting wage will be $11.51 per hour; after six months, the wage will be $11.89; after 12 months, $12.35; after 18 months, $13.55; and after 24 months $14.16.

The county board also approved an increased wage for the lead cook position at the health care center. Current wages start at $12.48; the new wage will start at $15.78.

After 24 months, the current wage for the lead cook position is $15.14; the new wage will be $17.76. After 48 months, under the new wage scale, the lead cook position will pay $19.70 per hour.

The health care center experienced a turnover of four lead cooks in two years. A wage study revealed that Dunn County was paying less than other similar positions and that workers left the position to take higher-paying jobs, said Tony Manzella, health care center administrator.

Other business

In other business, the Dunn County Board:

• Approved a zoning change from Agricultural 3 to Industrial requested by Duane Zweber for eight acres in the Town of Lucas. Zweber purchased the old Lucas school from the Menomonie school district and is planning to turn it into a residence and wood working facility. A set of deed restrictions accompanying the rezone will expire when the new proposed zoning ordinance for Dunn County is adopted that includes Light Industrial. The Town of Lucas could also adopt a Light Industrial zoning ordinance.

• Approved a rezone in the Town of Wilson requested by Andy Bensend for 5.065 acres from Agricultural 1 to Agricultural 2.

• Approved a resolution authorizing the Chippewa County Housing Authority to act as the plan administrator for the existing CDBG revolving loan fund.