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Incumbents re-elected as state superintendent and supreme court justice

MADISON —  The incumbent candidates for state school superintendent and state supreme court justice were re-elected to their positions in the April 2 election.

Supreme Court Justice Pat Roggensack won out over challenger Ed Fallone for another ten-year term on the state Supreme Court.

Roggensack received 478,420 votes (57 percent), while Fallone received 355,591 votes (43 percent).

State Superintendent Tony Evers won out over challenger Don Pridemore.

Evers received 475,339 votes (61 percent), while Pridemore received 301,132 votes (39) percent.

Pridemore (R-Hartford) is the representative for the state’s 99th Assembly District.

In Dunn County, Roggensack received 3,006 votes, while Fallone received 2,802 votes; and Evers received 3,576 votes while Pridemore received 1,810 votes.

In St. Croix County, Roggensack received 5,464 votes, while Fallone received 4,005 votes; and Evers received 5,185 votes while Pridemore received 3,443 votes.

Chippewa County

A referendum question related to the 2010 Citizens’ United ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court  that in essence rules corporations are “people” and that money is the same as speech was approved with 68 percent of the vote.

The referendum question in Chippewa County read as follows: “Should the United States Constitution be amended to state that only human beings, not corporations, unions or political action committees, are entitled to constitutional rights and that government regulation of political contributions and spending by corporations, unions or political action committees is therefore not equivalent to limiting freedom of speech?”

In Chippewa County, the question received 4,911 “yes” votes (68 percent) to 2,274 “no” votes (32 percent).