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City to consider new nonmetallic mining ordinance Special meeting set for April 18 at Community Center

GLENWOOD CITY — Mayor John Larson informed the city council that he contacted a legal firm about drawing a new nonmetallic mining ordinance for the city.

This comes in wake of the recent discussion the council held in regard to the possible annexation of land just south of the city limits that is the site of a proposed frac sand mine.

Larson quickly explained that the city has not received any request to annex that land, but he wanted the city be prepared if such a request was forecoming.

The draft of the ordinance that Larson had received was a twenty-page document and he made copies for all members of the council, with the request that they read it over and the council should have a special meeting to discuss the proposed ordinance.

Larson stressed the importance of the city getting rules in place before a request comes in. In the cover letter about the ordinance, attorney Terry L. Dunst explained the following. “The big picture is that I would strongly recommend that the City enact this ordinance sooner rather than later. It can always be amended after the fact, but you want to get regulations in place before the mine begins to establish itself, so it can’t claim vested or grandfathered status.”

The mayor indicated that he would like to have attorney Dunst present at that meeting to discuss the ordinance with the council.

During the discussion on the matter, a couple members of the council made comments about the meeting to only be about the ordinance and not anything about annexation. Council member Scott Schone commented that even if there is no request at this time, we have an ordinance that can be used in the future.

The mayor set a special meeting for the council to meet at the Community Center on Thursday, April 18 at 7 p.m.